Tata Crucible Campus 2009- Ahmedabad

Prateek Rath from Gujarat National Law University has been extremely kind to take note of the prelim questions and provide us with a copy. Thanks a lot Prateek. The Quiz was won by MICA (Gaurav and Aditi Nargundkar ) , followed by IIM-A.

Find Rishi Arora’s review and some more questions here

Following are the prelims questions from Crucible Campus Ahmedabad

1) Which state has recently launched a concept called e-Gram , where 13000 Panchayats shall be connected?
Ans: Gujarat
2) A stamp containing pictures of Lincoln, Gandhi, Mother Teresa and Luher King. This stamp was released by the government of India to commemorate what?
Ans: Universal Declaration of Human Rights
3) The book ‘Hot, Flat and Crowded’ is written by?
Ans: Thomas Freidman
4) Connect: Jack Niklaus (golfer), one more chap forgot his name and Sachin Tendlkar , to a brand.
Ans: Royal Bank of Scotland.
5) Picture of Economics Nobel Prize
6) This banker was killed in the 26/11 attack. Identify.
Ans: Ashok Kapur of YES Bank.
7) Picture of a shoe with high heels and towards the end of the heel there is the devils trident. Identify the brand.
Ans: Prada
8) Celeberated 100 years in 2009. We have been reviewing the century (something like that). Identify the institution.
Ans: Harvard Business School
9) SunPharma replaced which company in the BSE?
Ans: Satyam
10) Carol Bartz is the new CEO of?
Ans: Yahoo
11) Exotica brand of ice cream belongs to?
Ans: Amul
12) Some logo , couldn’t catch the answer.
13) Picture of some business model. McKinsey 7S model
14) Helen Keller was awarded to which organization, recently.
Ans: ITC
15) Padma Vibhushan recipient and author of ‘In the shadow of the Mahatma’- GD Birla
16) Awardesd by the Hollywood Press Association. What?
Ans: Golden Globes Award
17) Picture of Ted Turner
18) Picture of Konkona Sen with a cup. Identify the brand.
Ans: Horlicks for women.
19) Ad of Close Up , which has Anupam Kher.
20) Ad of Godrej Ezee.

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