Tata Crucible Campus 2009- Updates

Find the Tata Crucible 2009 Corporate Edition

Reviews, Winners and Questions from the 16 city campus event

Find the Tata Crucible 2009 Corporate Edition

February 14- Jaipur- BITS, Pilani (Rishabh Kaul & Sailesh Jha)

Review and Questions from the 2009 Jaipur Campus Edition here

Complete Jaipur Prelim here

February 19- Cochin – College of Engineering, Trivandrum ( Ganesh R & Ashwin Gopalkrishnan)

Some Questions from the 2009 Kochi Edition here

February 22- Ahmedabad- MICA (Gaurav and Aditi Nargundkar)

Review and Questions from the 2009 Ahmedabad Campus Edition here

February 24- Goa- NIT Surathkal (Varun Balan Nair and Sharan Basavaraj

Review and Questions from the 2009 Goa Campus Edition here

February 26- Pune – SCMHRD (Amneet Sodhi and Gaurav Parab)

Review and Questions from the 2009 Pune Campus Edition here

February 28- Coimbatore- GRD College of Mgmt (Md.Shadeb and Vinod Vignesh)

Find Coimbatore Review here

Find Coimbatore Questions here

March 1 – Kolkata- IIM-C (Shombit Bhatnagar & Ram Shankar)

Review and Questions from the 2009 Kolkata Campus Edition here

March 3 – Bhubaneshwar- VGSOM – IIT Kgp

Review and Questions from the 2009 Bhubaneshwar Campus Edition here

March 8 – Bangalore – Christ University (Kuldeep & Sankarshan)

Review and Questions from 2009 Bangalore Campus Edition here

March 10 – Indore – IIM-I ( Debasish Mishra & Sai Ganesh )

Review and Questions from 2009 Indore Campus Edition here

March 13-  Chennai – CEG (Kalaiselvam & Srivatsan)

March 15 –  Delhi – IMT, Ghaziabad (Ashish Lath & Abhishek Kumar)

Review and Questions from 2009 Delhi Campus Edition here

March 16 – Lucknow – IIML

Review and Questions from 2009 Lucknow Campus Edition here

March 21 – Hyderabad- DCE (Vivek & Daniel)

Review and Questions from 2009 Hyderabad Campus Edition here

March 22 – Mumbai – IIT-Bombay (Prashanth Sampath & Vaibhav Devanathan)

Review and Questions from 2009 Mumbai Campus Edition here

National Final- IIM Calcutta win NATIONAL and International Final.

Find all questions here

Questions from the previous editions here

Detailed Schedule of the 2009 edition of Campus Tata Crucible here


18 thoughts on “Tata Crucible Campus 2009- Updates

  1. One of my friends participated in kochi quiz. The winners were through wild card round.

    Winner: College of Engineering – TVM – Ganesh R & Ashwin Gopalkrishnan
    Runner Up: MES College – Harikrishna Prasad & Ashwin Rajaram

  2. hello rohit,
    this is my first post on your blog, i’ve just participated in the ahmedabad campus crucible and posted few of the questions on my blog. I hope it will help others to get an idea about the quiz for the further cities on the schedule.

  3. Hi
    Mudra Institute (MICA) won a lovely quiz at the Ahmedabad round of Tata Crucibles. They beat IIM-A teams (3 teams) and NIM Nirma University and SVNIT Surat. Runner up was IIM (A).

    For QM Pickbrain who is so famous for his on time starts, the quiz was delayed by one hour (maybe some technical glitch) and the prelim finally started at 3.40pm but from there on it was a huge party. What shocked all of us especially the regulars was the turnout. 225 plus teams with atleast 100 people chumma to watch is unheard of. I personally met one team all the way from Rajkot and Crucible seems to be big in these places as well. It is also nice to see so many girls into quizzing, even Pickbrain took notice of that and commented.

    Format was same. Prelim 20Q, 2 wild cards of 8 Q each on buzzer and 5 round final (2 passing and 3 on busser). One round in the buzzer is on Tatas.The quiz itself was awesome, teams were top class and not one moved even those on the floor. MICA was too good and deserve to be in the final. Audience prizes are really nice, Pickbrain was at his best and thankfully someone beat an IIM-A at Gandhinagar.

    Some 15 Q’s that i recall.

    State to implement mass internet connectivity in 12000 panchayats? GUJARAT

    Bank that lost its chairman in Mumbai attacks? YES BANK

    One deadly question on a farm that turned out to be the current location of the Nano project.

    Exotica icecream from? AMUL
    CLues on TGIF
    CLues on Megnad Desai
    Vice Chairman of Indian Hotels? RK Krishnakumar


    Gandhi Stamp on Human Rights
    India flag funda
    Aditya Mittal
    India Inspired ads

    Will post some more from finals if I can recall.
    Rishi Arora
    ICICI – Ahmedabad

  4. these are some of the quest that i can recollect from kochi edition
    1.which tyre manufacturing company would you associate with ‘blimps’? goodyear
    2.visual of rupert murdoch
    3.ad of ayur
    4.ad of bagpiper
    5.toughbook-range of notebooks from which company?panasonic
    6.founded by ted turner in 1981..etc an some more clues..-cnn
    7.person sold chewing gums free with baking soda etc…clues about-wrigleys
    8.beyond the last blue mountain a book about whom? jrd tata
    9.visual of dilbert cartoon-identify the creator-scott adams
    10.this was initially used to treat certain disorders….etc an som more clues-coca cola

  5. Hi Rohit,
    Is dere any link for the questions in the Indore round?
    I dont see the link anywhere, please upload the questions when you get them.


  6. Hi Rohit,
    Have you got any updates on the national finals in Mumbai.
    The website does not show any dates of the finals.


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