Samanvay 2009 – Biz Quiz Prelims

Quiz won by IIM-A followed by UVCE and Christ University (both Bangalore). Good prelim.. The final by Mr Anantha Krishnan wasn’t too enticing considering a few technical goofups and absolute sitters in the IT round (How does Microsoft get its name?) and arbit questions like- Connect ‘Terribly Carnal’ to an Indian B-School? (Answer being IIT DoMS and Terribly Carnal being an anagram for Central Library where the quiz was happening)

Anyway, chew on some prelim questions..

Identify the retail brand, the name of which means ‘Crossroads’.

The company uses this punch line even in India  “Vorsprung durch Technik”. Identify.

In 1981, Michael X co-founded a company called Innovative Market Systems. This company was later renamed as X, the surname of Michael X. The company X went on to become a USD 4.7 bn $ company with one-third of the entire market share. Michael X gave up his CEO position in 2001, in order to run for the elections (to a mayoral position), which he subsequently won. Identify X.

The logo of which famous brand features the Visconti family’s red cross and biscione (human child-bearing serpent) coat of arms emblazoned over the great door of Castello Sforzesco.
Alfa Romeo

After being modified into a joint–stock company in 1991-92, this company has gone on to become the fourth largest corporation in the world. Identify the company.
This Airliner started operations with flights to Karachi and Mumbai followed by Delhi. In the beginning, two Airbus A300 and Boeing 737-300 were leased from Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) for operations. Identify this Airline operator.
Emirates Airlines

I am a businessman from Texas, who is best known for seeking the office of President of the United States in 1992 and 1996. I founded EDS in 1962 and then sold the company to General Motors in 1984. If that was not enough, I also founded, in 1988, a company which has been ranked number two company in the information technology services category on its list of America’s Most Admired Companies for the past two years by Fortune Magazine and is still one of the largest IT companies worldwide. Identify me.
Ross Perot

Once the contract manufacturing arm of Taiwan’s Acer Computer Corporation, this Corporation has come into its own as a leading manufacturer of computer peripherals and digital media equipments. After splitting off from Acer in 2001, it has begun a push to establish its own brand which is marketed under the slogan “Bringing Enjoyment and Quality to Life“. Identify the company.

This company is a major American defense contractor and industrial corporation. It is the world’s largest producer of guided missiles and makes of missiles such as Patriot, Maverick, Sidewinder and Tomahawk. Its name literally means “Light of the gods” in Greek. What company are we talking about?

The company’s history dates back to the 1870s and includes engineering feats such as the transplantation of the Abu Simbel rock temples in Egypt to save them from the rise of the River Nile caused by the Aswan High Dam. However, the company’s reputation was tarnished by World War II, when it built the Führerbunker in Berlin, scene of Adolf Hitler’s suicide. Identify the company.

It is probably of the world’s largest environment companies and one of the first private waste management companies to get a contract in India (Chennai to be specific). Its current name is derived from Aeolus, the keeper of the winds in Greek mythology. The reference to air is heightened by the first letter of its name, which is also the first letter of the French word for the wind. Earlier it was a part of a media conglomerate Compagnie Générale des Eaux which had activities in music, television and film, publishing, telecommunications, the Internet, and video games. Identify the company.
Veolia Environment

The company X was formed by Henry.M.Leland, who was one of the founders of Cadillac. In 1917, he left Cadillac to form X and named it after his long-time hero and legendary American President X. Identify X.

This San Francisco-based company which trades on NYSE now under the symbol V raised $17.9 billion in March 2008 to complete the largest IPO in U.S. history – Name it.

Saravana Stores has used its brand name for all its ventures except this one which started few years back. Now it is present in Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu and has gained considerable market share. Which Saravana Brand?

A man named Israel Beer Josaphat began a continental pigeon post 1849 at Aachen, Germany, and in 1851 set up a news agency in London. In 1858 he persuaded the press to use his news telegrams, and turned it into a  worldwide service. Who?
Paul Julius von Reuter, German founder of the international news agency Reuters (Israel Beer Josaphat was his real name)


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