Xaverian Quizzing Festival

Xaverian Debating and Quizzing Festival

Date: 19th to 21st February

Venue: St. Xavier’s College, Kolkata

Quizmasters: Ravi Handa and Charanpreet Singh.

Two teams per college consisting of three members will be allowed.

The quiz event will be divided into three main parts:

(i) Four Specialized Quiz Events

(ii) Semi- Finals- General Quiz

(iii) Grand Final- General Quiz

The Four Specialized Quizzes will be on the following topics:

(1) Media and Entertainment

(2) Sports

(3) Corporate/ Business

(4) Literature and the other Arts

Each Specialized quiz will have two rounds:

o Preliminary- Written questions with in-built tiebreakers.

o On-Stage Quiz with 8 teams.

The Two Semi Finals – General Quiz – will have six teams each.

The Grand Final – General Quiz – will have six teams.

Total Prize Money: Rs. 2,58,000

First Prize: Rs. 1,20,000

Second Prize: Rs. 60,000

Third Prize: Rs. 30,000

Winners of the 4 Specialized quizzes get Rs. 12,000 each ( x 4 = Rs.48,000 )

Contact for further details: Anupam (91-9831269430), Annesha(91-9830154829)

Kindly register by emailing us at email.xds@gmail.com by February 5, 2009 with the number of teams your institution will be sending. No delays will be entertained in confirmation of participation. Outstation teams will be provided with standard accommodation close to the college premises.

For further details check http://www.xdsfest.com


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