Tata Crucible London 2008- Prelims

Not too much info on the turnout and participation but can confirm that London Business School won the quiz and will be joining SMU for the International Final in India. Find below the questions from the prelims.. (Read more here)

  1. “every little helps” – Tesco
  2. Logo is sign of the black spread eagle – Barclays
  3. 1898, Brad’s Drink – Pepsi
  4. Big Blue – IBM
  5. Latin for “I Roll” – Volvo
  6. Formed by merger of Wells Fargo, Butterfield – Amex
  7. Picture of Vatican guard
  8. Signature pen since 1913 – Sheaffer
  9. Schumacher won first championship with? Benetton
  10. Reliance Bank – part of? Salvation Army
  11. Bola / Merlyn / Kanon –  brands of? Bowling machines
  12. Newton Heath – Man Utd
  13. Terry Semel – ? Yahoo
  14. Old logo of Virgin / Kappa / Longines? Virgin
  15. Hostess of industrial booth in mid 40s – Marilyn Monroe
  16. Stats hide more than they reveal – reference to? bikini
  17. Liquor made of potatoes – little water – vodka
  18. Photo of Ingvar Kamprad
  19. Photo of World Bank past and current chiefs, identify missing – Wolfowitz

I guess the finals would have been on similar  lines. I dont have the questions so I’d appreciate if you wouldn’t mail regarding the same.

Find the complete Crucible compendium here

Updates on Tata Crucible Campus 2009 here

Find the ‘almost’ complete tagline collection here


5 thoughts on “Tata Crucible London 2008- Prelims

  1. Brad’s Drink?? Sorry i dont know..
    It came at ET Pune 2009..
    Check Bizdom..
    Chuck it..

    I Roll Volvo is repeated twice in the same quiz i feel..
    Someone really needs to tell Giri that his London Prelims also reach here..n his national prelims are on the blogosphere even before he leaves the audi winding up the show..

  2. I dont blame him 🙂
    It happens when u do a quiz everyday.. New companies arent incorporated at the rate of new quizzes! 😉

    I’m guessing my blog might have been cursed a million times by now by various QMs..

    There are QMs who are not willing to share prelims questions as they are unable to repeat!

    But till I’m on this, the questions will keep flowing, thats a promise.


  3. Rohit carry on the good work! Quizmasters should earn the fabulous sums of money they get for the marque events like Brand equity & crucible.

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