Kurukshetra 2009

K! Sci Tech Quiz:
22nd January
3 per team
Open only to College / School students

Biz Quiz:
23rd January
Prelims – 6 30 pm
Separate finals for Students and Corporates(following immediately after the prelims)
Students- 3 per team (no registration fee)
Corporates – 2 per team (registration fee of Rs 300 per team will be charged)
Cross – teams allowed for both students and corporates

Quiz Master: Mr.Gopal Kidao

K! Open Quiz
6pm – 10pm
3 per team
Registration Fee of Rs 20 per team

Quiz Master: Dr.Navin Jayakumar

For queries regarding accomodation/travel etc. check out www.kurukshetra.org.in . Incase of other queries, feel free to contact us through quizzing@kurukshetra.org.in or contact +91 98944 13465 (Deepak)


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