SAIL's Golden Jubilee Management Quiz- Updates


Corporate – SUN (Mitesh and Vishwa)

Student- NMIMS

Kolkata – 17th January 2009

Corporate– TCS

Student- Praxis Business School,Kolkata

Chennai- 19 January 2009

Corporate– Sanmar Group

Student– Icfai Business School, Bangalore

Delhi- 29 January 2009

Grand Final

Winners: Sanmar Group

Runners Up: Sun Microsystems


6 thoughts on “SAIL's Golden Jubilee Management Quiz- Updates

  1. Its a pity that a very decent quiz( the elims were TOUGH!) was just overshadowed by the ridiculous policy of one corporate/one student team funda in the finals!

    We came second and got lots of ball point pens( as did all the finalists) and learnt a lot about brands of steel in india.(sterenium?wiron anyone?)

    so it wasnt all bad.

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