Quizzes @ Springfest

Host: IIT Kharagpur
Date: 22nd to 25th Jan 2009
1. Cyber Quiz – A quiz about all the happenings & going ons in & around the field of computer & computer applications.
(23 Jan,09, Friday : 1 p.m.)
2. Mary Bucknell Trophy – A general quiz, meant for the Jack of All trades, with topics covered from as wide a range as Arts, Music, Sports & Current affairs. A package meant for anything & everything under the Sun.
(24 Jan,09, Saturday: 1 p.m.)
3. Biz Whiz – A Business quiz testing the quizzers on business terminology, current happenings, taglines etc.
(23 Jan, 09, Friday : 10 a.m.)
4. Youth Flick Quiz – A unique quiz designed for the average youth based on the most popular topics forming part of any youth group’s conversation like popular Sitcoms, Famous Novels, popular movies, latest info about cool gadgets & new fashion trends. The questions are so designed so as to allow any average college student to have a shot at it!

(25 Jan ’09, Sunday: 4 p.m.)

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