Jigyasa- Review & Prelims

Giri seems to be squeezing a corporate quiz between the AIMA regional and national finals at chennai, year after year and ends up disappointing year after year.

Last year, we had Pickbrain chronologically repeating questions from Neev ’07 and Confluence ’07 at BL Adclub ’07 and this time the last round was pretty much the acme of abysmal standards!

Quiz- Jigyasa @ L’attitude @ Great Lakes

I was extremely surprised at the standard of questions when i had a look at the written prelim paper, as I wondered aloud- the cut off will be above 20 (in a 25 question prelim)

Now, if a team gets 20 and is unable to make it onto the stage , it does not necessarily show the standard of the quality teams participating but the sub-standard level of questions in the prelim..

and the inability to get the six best teams on stage was highlighted by the demolition of the teams by the winning team- SunMar.

Adding to all this, the final saw questions which were more questionable than answerable. Picture this.

  1. A photo of Sarah Palin ( the same question appeared in the online version of the Curiosio quiz a week back, and the SAF Quiz Club)

  2. A shapoorji pallonji question with the SP logo more than clearly visible.

  3. The Thomas Nast question. Let me tell you that this question was asked at the Bangalore edition of High-Q ’08 – a high school general quiz

But the ‘icing on the cake’ was the last round.. When Giri tries to do a Stage II!

The 3 clues round with 3 questions and each answer is supposedly ‘clearly’ connected.

The first answer Vivek Paul, second answer Krishna Kumar, third answer A Mahendran..

And boom the Stage II is ALL ON THE BOARD OF GLIM!

WTF!! Who cares?? I’d rather sell my soul! This is the worst pitch Giri’s done.. I’ve seen him pitching for Landmark last year (at BL Adclub), and earlier in the day for the NEN awards but this just beats them all.. One vote that HSU 588 Wont get is mine!! Atleast not after yesterday!

The only saving grace was the fact that the best team won. Had to happen if Mitesh, Vishwa and Ramkumar were in the same team..

I’m done with ranting..Goodnight!

Some prelim questions from yesterday

  1. Logo- Marico

  2. What invention’s earlier use was to dry printing ink? ACs

  3. Which newspaper is known as the Grey Lady? NYT

  4. Logo- MS Surface

  5. Sanjeev Bikchandani started which online company? Naukri.com

  6. What term did Ragnar Frisch coin in 1933? Macroeconomics

  7. Who sold Columbia pictures to Sony? Coke

  8. Ad – Moods Condom

  9. Founded as Anglo Iranian oil co, how do we know it today? BP

  10. Preity to Deepika? BSNL

  11. Fabric Spa, new chain by?Jyothy Labs

  12. Sony BMG- Sony and who? Bertellsman

  13. Nokia has tied up with whom for latest XpressMusic phones? AR Rahman

  14. Dolls? Lalu Yadav Dolls

  15. Who bought over Kinetic Motors? Mahindra

  16. Project Arrow? India Post

  17. The engineer’s choice. Ultratech

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8 thoughts on “Jigyasa- Review & Prelims

  1. hi Rohit,

    We scored 20 out of 25 but still failed to qualify.Anyway the standard of question was rather poor.Though we
    came second in the AIMA final the same evening,but not qualifying it the prelims in the GL quiz is still very painful.Any info about the Chennai Ad club/ business line quiz.


    Santanu Dey

  2. dude

    whats new ?
    every giri quiz is exactly like this.except for the arbit current affairs stuff that seperates the teams in crucible

    and i do think its a little offenseive to the teams who did qualify to say the best ones didnt…

    im not saying because we qualifeid…but teams ilek vizag steel etc..are very good teams and deserved their place.

    we need to be open to welcoming new quizmasters if we want better quizzes.. and get out of the rut of the same old three/four QMs .This is bound to happen.


  3. I have no idea about the BOD of my own College and whywould i know the BOD of X College just coz i’m going there..

    Now I think the HAMAM ACT at MDI Gurgaon is easily beaten.. Giri just needs to stick to the basics..This is too much trash..All on the BOD of GLIM i believe..

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