051208 Quiz @ UVCE

The year end Quiz at UVCE was a different affair this year. After obtaining sponsorship at the very last minute, we decided to keep the quiz open to all Bangalore students. Unfortunately, the turnout was limited due to the exam season. The quiz still got a large crowd from Christ College and two teams from NIT- Surathkal.

After 20 prelim questions, 8 teams were selected. After 5 rounds of fairplay quizzing in the final, Miraj & Eldrich from Christ college won by a heavy margin, followed by Varun Balan (NITK) and Manu (UVCE). Finishing the top three were Angadh N (UVCE) and Ajey Sudeep (NITK)

Below are the questions from prelim.

Junta, pls note, the questions are of medium level of difficulty as the club is an attempt to increase quiz participation and build enthusiasm amongst the virgins. (Answers in a week to fortnight)


9 thoughts on “051208 Quiz @ UVCE

  1. 1. Woodstock
    2. Abba
    4. Erik Brokovich
    5. Kishore Kumar
    7. Madrid
    8. mangal Pandey
    10. Chiranjeevi
    11. OPEC
    12. Religion
    13. Chennai Super Kings / Rajasthan Royals
    15. Leverage
    17. sending e-mail
    18. Michael jackson
    20. Dhonis house

  2. 1.wall street
    2.pink floyd
    3.oswald-from lee harvey oswald
    5.kishore kumar
    6.daniel pearl
    9.v p singh
    10.ram gopal verma
    13.chennai superkings & rajasthan royal
    16.sarah palin
    18.john lennon about the beatles
    19.hair of edison or newton
    20.iim ranchi

  3. answers
    2:pink floyd
    3:lee harvey oswald
    5:kishore kumar
    6:daniel pearl
    7:abu dhabi
    8:major unnikrishnan last words
    9:v p singh
    13chennai super kings,rajastan royals
    16:sarah palin
    17:i think in that election to project results
    18:john lennon of beatles
    19:edison last breath

  4. 1 Wall St
    2 Pink Flyod
    3 Oswald…Lee-Harvey-hence Oswald to get the killer connection

    4 Charlie’s Angels
    5 Kishore Kumar
    6 Daniel Perl award
    9 VP Singh
    10 Ram Gopal Verma…visited Taj with Deshmukh
    11 OPEC
    12 Deccan
    13 Rajasthan Royals, Chennai SuperKings
    14 Obama
    15 Sub prime
    16 Palin
    18 John Lennon
    20 IIM ranchi

  5. Answers for the above quiz

    1) New York
    2) Pink Floyd
    3) Oswald. From Lee Harvey Oswald
    4) Charlies’ Angels. They were all pregnant
    5) Kishore Kumar
    6) Daniel Pearl
    7) Abu Dhabi
    8) Sandeep Unnikrishnan’s Last words
    9) V.P. Singh
    10) Ram Gopal Verma
    11) OPEC
    12) Deccan
    13) Rajasthan Royals and Chennai Superkings
    14) Obama
    15) Subprime Crisis
    16) Sarah Palin
    17) Predict US elections
    18) John Lennon- Beatles
    19) Edison’s last breath
    20) Latest IIM in Ranchi

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