Marchahead New Year Quiz


The New Year begins with a bang on 1st January as Marchahead puts up a special New Year quiz.
Rack your brains over this relative toughie and reap in the rewards from the only site which rewards online quizzers for their efforts daily!!!!!

1. The quiz will start on January 1, 2009 and end on January 7, 2009.
2. Results will be out on January, 10
3. There will be 10 questions of varying difficulty (with the simplest one being difficult) and differing scores
4. There will be 1 grand prize and possibly more prizes for successful participants
5. Each user can submit answers only once. However, there is a provision to save answers already guessed on the site itself.
6. On closure of the quiz, any unsubmitted answers will be flagged as submitted and scored based on what has been submitted.
7. The user to achieve maximum score will be declared the winner. In case of a tie, the user who has submitted earlier will be declared the winner.

Grand Prize of Rs 5000/-

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Go Ogle 2009

The answers for Go Ogle 2009 (and the scores) are up at

You can also access the answers at

Go Ogle is an extremely arbit and convoluted quiz.

Open to all solo contestants, irrespective of age or location. No
prior registration is required.

The quiz will be posted at our blog

The quiz will be available for access from 1500hrs IST on 1st Jan and
will be taken off at 0700hrs IST on 2 Jan 2009.

Participants will attempt the quiz at the blog. Those who do not have
a Livejournal account may use OpenID or leave their name (and email
ID) at the bottom of the entry. Unsigned anonymous entries will not be

No participant is allowed more than one attempt at the quiz. Attempts
at skulduggery will result in disqualification.

The results and answers will be announced on 2 January 2008 on the
blog. Prizes will be given out to winner and runner-up

For some idea of what the last editions have been like, go to

Quizzical @ Intaglio

Quiz: Quizzical

Host: IIM, Calcutta

Date: 8th – 11th January 2009

Star Quiz master, nerve biting tension, deafening silence, roaring applause, eccentric audience, amazing answers by a mixture of professional-amateur-corporate participants, a prize worth dying for: these are some of the words describing the scene on the stage during Quizzical.

This has been one of the star attractions of Intaglio over the years commanding one of the highest participation figures across events with the grand finale being one of the most awaited events on campus.

Event Format: On-campus elimination round and on-campus finals.
Date: During Intaglio

More Details here