Tata Crucible UK 2008

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Find Tata Crucible Singapore 2008 review and prelims here

Review and questions from last year’s International edition

Find the entire collection of Crucible reviews and questions from across India here

Quiz : Tata Crucible UK 2008

Date: 09 November 2008

Quizmaster: Pickbrain

Venue:The Great hall, Imperial College, South Kensington Campus, London SW7 2AZ

Official Site: http://www.tatacrucible.com/uk/

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High-Q 08

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Quizmaster: Giri ‘pickbrain’ Balasubramaniam

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Tata Crucible '08 Singapore – Review & Prelims

Find prelim questions here

Review and questions from last year’s edition 

Find the entire collection of Crucible reviews and questions from across India here

It was that time of the year again!!

Tata Crucible – International Edition, into its second year in Singapore was ready to break records with more number of teams, bigger prizes and a BUMPER Prize (to be revealed towards the end of this post) 

138 teams took the 20 question prelim. In true Crucible style, the top 6 teams made it directly and the next 8 teams were to battle it in a wild card round for the remaining two slots.

The shock of the evening came when defending champions SMU were called on stage for the wild card entry round.

As Anirban , the defending champion said- “The prelim was extremely easy, there was no scope for any error. With 16 out of 20, it was surprising to note that we weren’t in the top 6. The teams here have been preparing and it was evident after the prelim” 

After cruising through the wild card round and entering the final as a wild card team, the defending champions- Anirban Dattagupta & Bhavya Khanna from Singapore Management University were unstoppable. After 5 rounds of regular business quizzing, SMU demolished the other teams beating the second team 70-35 points.. 

And after all the goodies the boys have won, the Bonanza remains that they fly down in March to Mumbai during the India Nationals.. Does this mean there will be a Tata Crucible International final this year?? I put my money on it!

With the London edition on 9th November, QT and Quizkrieg will try and confirm this piece of news! Lets just say- we’ll wait for it from the horse’s mouth! So, register on the above mentioned sites for regular updates.

And for those who want to check the prelim that foxed even the defending champions, here’s the link 

For now, Congrats Anirban and Bhavya.. And hope you have a great time (back) in India!

Tata Crucible '08 Singapore – Prelims

1.      This stock exchange was set up near Jonathan’s Alley. Which one? LSE

2.      If you are travelling Raffles Class, which airline are you on? Singapore Airlines



Identify the company from the picture. Mont Blanc



This is the logo of which company? Fannie Mae

5.      The Latin translation of this brand  is “I put together” Lego



Whose picture is this? Scott Adams

7.      Finnish Rubber Company. What started thus? Nokia



What is the name of this robot? Asimo

9.      This tyre company founded by a certain John Boyd. The first product was a pneumatic tyre. Which company are we talking about? Dunlop

10.  They are the official timekeeper to James Bond. Who? Omega

11.  Which international courier package company was founded by Larry Hillblom, Adrian Dasley  and Robert Lynn in 1969? DHL

12.  American Express started offering this service in 1882 to compete with the US postal office. What are we talking about? Money Order

13.  Picture of the Hulk’s foot covering a building. Glimpse of golden arches seen in the background. Whose ad? McDonalds


Identify the company.  Boston Consulting Group

15.  Where would you find Clippy, Mother Nature, Links the Cat, and Rocky the Dog etc? Microsoft Office Help Icons

16.  This sports goods company is associated with Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Michael Jordan etc. Which one? Nike

17.  This was invented in 1937 by Colin Kininmonth and George Gray, who made the product by applying rubber resin to cellophane film. What? Cellotape

18.  General Re, Dairy Queen etc. are owned by which holding company associated with Warren Buffett? Berkshire Hathaway

19.  This ‘resort village’ chain was started in 1950 by former Belgian water polo champion, Gérard Blitz. The first village opened on the Spanish island of Mallorca. Identify this resort, which is associated with the concept of ‘fun holidays’. Club Med

20.  This company recently changed their slogan from “Always low prices” to “Save Money. Live Better”. Who? Walmart

Find last year’s review and questions here

Find the entire collection of Crucible reviews and questions from across India here

OJ Quiz Club – Prelims

OJ Quiz Club is my name to this casual Business Quiz Club ( which is officially known as Saturday Afternoon Fever)- for students from Bangalore. Find below the prelims I conducted on 11 October 2008. The quiz was eventually won by Varun Balan and Balram edging out Abhinav Mouli and Anubhav Sarathy on the last question. If students around Bangalore are interested in this club please contact any of the following people (We meet at Christ College)

Rohit Nair- mail@rohitnair.in ( 9886420589 )

Miraj Vora- mirajvora@gmail.com ( 9916421710 )

Kuldeep – kuldeep.dantewadia@gmail.com ( 9886361805 )