Re: Bustle Corporate Quiz Review

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Aiyyyooooo!!!! Raama Raama!!!

Its me again!! I’m always at the receiving end 🙂 Wondering whats going on??

My Bustle Corporate Quiz Review has stirred a controversy, again!!

The Quizmasters across the country seem to be following my blog very intently- I wonder if they constitute half of the hits on my page.. Anyway, my above said review has been read by QM Dr Sumanth and has been extremely kind to express his views about it too. You can find his esteemed reply here.

My response shall be crisp and simple

* Well, I’m sure the audience had great fun.. There was pretty much nothing else for them to do. 🙂

* It was pleasant to see all the questions missed by the finalists being answered by the audience, maybe the audience at a certain level knew more than the finalists 🙂

* Regarding SLR, I checked the official site I did not find a full form, the two links provided need not be accurate but as the case is I was wrong , so apologies

* What about the buzzer round?? This was definitely the first time I saw a buzzer being pressed before the question was shown. It doesn’t stop there- the question is actually displayed after this and the team that buzzed gets a shot at the question. Wonder how this would fair in a BEQ or TC? 

* Plagiarism et al.. Well, quizzing has always been open source- online groups are a database to possibly the best questions ever created (including live quizzes). Let me just reiterate that groups and blogs are an outlet for one’s passion; we all do it from the sheer love of it. No money involved, maybe a bit of fame- thats all. Its not right to pick up questions. I do think people should not over-react about questions repeating but I feel a quizmaster should note that when he is being paid to conduct a quiz, people expect good content and more importantly relative original content, than a huge chunk picked from one site/blog..

* My review was vicious?? Would we prefer diplomacy? I guarantee you that the feedback forms if read properly would echo my opinion. But as clearly mentioned in the disclaimer of this blog- All opinions are mine and solely mine. This is exactly what I felt.

* Well, atleast the best team(s) won!! Maybe this was only because it was Chennai- probably the quizzing capital of the country now!

Anyway, cant rant more. As a very notable Chennai quizzer said- all this is just a waste of virtual ink.. 



Bustle Corporate Quiz '08- Review & Questions

A follow-up to the review below

Ditching a tech quiz in Bangalore, I headed to Chennai- anticipating a fantastic business quiz by Dr Sumanth C Raman. An unknown name (for me), I googled to find this result and the excitement to participate ended up increasing exponentially. 

But alas, the quiz was a comedy of terrors (yes, inspired by Harri Puttar). Firstly, we walk in to find a registration fee of Rs 1000/- (let me guarantee you that after a number of mails with the co-ordinators regarding particiaption eligibility and rules, this fee thing never came up). We had travelled all the way from Bangalore and we couldn’t help but register.

Anyway, the quiz content was relatively bad (although the prelims had some googlies). Cut off was 13.

The final’s content was abysmal.. The Quizmaster just elucidated why one needs to have a fair share of experience to conduct a good quiz. The QM was bloody lost in the buzzer rounds and an answer to one of his questions befit the situation- FIASCO!!

Anyway, I can’t talk more.. Here’s Patrick’s post giving you all the questions, enjoy !!!

Follow up to the review below (including the quizmaster’s reply)

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Brewhaha Braniacs Quiz- Edition 1

The Brewhaha Brainiacs Quiz started off with quite a bang with over 20 teams participating in the first edition.

This series will continue for the next eight fortnights and a grand winner will be chosen towards the end of the year.

The quiz hosted by Venky from Sasken and Vivek from CDC Software (Team Nexus)  had a great collection of 50 questions with a 10 question theme adding to the excitement. 

The quiz was eventually won by KQA stalwarts- Anustup Dutta & Ochintya Sharma (WALTO) , followed by Tejaswi Udupa & Mitesh. Lehar & Vijay (Mustafa) followed in third

The concept of the quiz is fantastic- A coffee quiz with a registration fee of Rs 300/- with a theme based quiz every alternate fortnight (Rs 200 can be used on food at Brewhaha). The casual atmosphere and the Sunday morning freshness adds to the fun.

The hosts were hoping to see more casual quizzers participate as well but I guess the steep registration charge is proving to be a hurdle for most quizzers (including a large group of students)

But, I must say, the quiz was a fantstic one bordering between moderate and tough ,with very workable questions. 

Next fortnight’s (Sep 20th) theme is Crime & Mystery. Hope to see many more teams! 

(Just for students in Bangalore- PESIT IEEE event happening on Sep 20th. More details coming, pls register on Quizplanner for more details)

Some questions from Sunday’s Brewhaha quiz. Enjoy yourself..

Do post your answers/tries in the comments section. I do not have a separate answer slide. Will confirm answers right here!