Tata Crucible Corporate 2008- Bangalore Review & Prelims

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Tata Crucible 2008- Bangalore Edition

31 August 2008

After shifting from different mathematical models (read pyramids, nanofication etc), Crucible settles down on the more sedate business quizzing rounds.

A straight forward 25 question prelim followed by 5 conventional quizzing rounds in both the tracks.

Bangalore was undoubtedly the city which was to set standards and boy did it!!

In the Tata Track, possibly one of the first times when the stage had no TCS representation and was dominated by Titan.

In the non-Tata, some big names missing out. What was surprising to see, was the number of hardcore general quizzers who made it to the Non-Tata track

No more critic views (i dont intend to be skeptical ever 😉 ), getting to what people love the most, prelims and finalists.

Find the prelims questions and answers here (if u wanan give the prelims a shot, scroll down for only the questions)

Tata Track

  1. Titan- Gaurav Kara + Yashwant Kumar

  2. Tata Elxsi- Ajay Rao + Nagaraj Keshavmurthy

  3. Titan – Shivaram (defending Blore Tata champion) + Lakshana

  4. Titan- Tathagata Mukherjee + Harish Bhat

  5. Tata Tea- Smitha + Ashok

  6. Titan- Aditya Kejriwal + Sunil

Tata Elxsi were phlegmatic and won the quiz in style with 55 points and a neat 25 point lead over runners up Titan ( Harish Bhat + TG)

Hey, Ajay!! All the best mate! Bring the cup home 🙂

Some good final questions from Tata Track

  1. What is bacon mail?

  2. Beautiful hollow by the broadway?

  3. Seacode Inc did wat to overcome visa regulations?

Non Tata Track

  1. ITC Ltd- Anindya Sen + Tanmay Prusty

  2. Ray & Keshavan – Arvind Hegde + Aditya Jalan

  3. National Instruments – Abhishek Nag + Sheetendra Bhattacharya (NPSIte 🙂 )

  4. Yahoo! – Ajay Kasargod + Tejaswi Udupa

  5. Onmobile- Rajesh Mohan + Nikhil Narayan

  6. Oracle- Anantharam Vaidyanath + Rohan Balakrishnan

5 simple rounds

  1. Business Horizons- Some good dry questions

  2. Nano games- Tata questions on the buzzer

  3. Lateral Thoughts- ‘Pickbrain round’

  4. Code Busters

  5. Crucible Quotient

Yahoo! Gave some fantastic answers and were in the lead for most of the quiz but they ended up getting too careful and calculative towards the end which let ITC take the last round by storm scoring 30 points out of a maximum 45!

Great way to spend a Sunday evening. Kudos to the 200 + teams and a good prelim from the research team!

Prelims questions inline, answers available here

Prelims (Answers here)

1) Which international voluntary organization was founded by the present French minister for foreign affairs Bernard Kouchner?

Ans: Doctors without Borders

2) Which Indian was the richest man in the world in 1937 and appeared on the cover of Time magazine?

Ans: Nizam of Hyderabad

3) Ad Campaign

Ans: Happydent

4) Which legendary CEO owns a restaurant chain called Koo Koo Roo?

Ans: Lee Iacocca

5) Which television personality who in his early career did commercials for Doritos brand of chips is an automobile collector and writes a column in Popular Mechanics?

Ans: Jay Leno

6) ALFA Passenger, a new diesel powered three wheeler is by which company?

Ans: M & M

7) Which brand (foods) was sold by Marico to Good Food group of Denmark?

Ans: Sil Jam

8) Which auto major launched S80 sedan and XC90 SUV in the Indian market?

Ans: Volvo

9) Hello Money, an innovative mobile banking service was launched and promises to take convenience to a new level. Which bank has introduced this concept?

Ans: Barclays Bank

10) Accor, is in talks to create neighbourhood hotels under the naem Formulae-1 with which Indian group, famous in the retail space?

Ans: A V Birla Group

11) Photo

Ans: M Damodaran

12) Which is the first train to be branded as ‘Airtel Rajdhani Express’? (i.e which city to Delhi)

Ans: Bangalore

13) Tara International, an affiliate of Bengal Enamel has planned Tiny and Titu. What are they?

Ans:  Less than 1 lakh (Electric) cars

14) In the mid 40s I signed on for the Blue Books three month modelling course and was hired by Holga Steel (for some host party i think). Who am I?

Ans: Marilyn Monroe

15) Which Public-Private enterprise would the person in picture head (pic of Albert Bruener)?

Ans: Bangalore International Airport Limited

16) Which Indian fashion designers said ‘We dont make garments, we make heirlooms’?

Ans: Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla

17) Which Hollywood superstar owns a production house ‘play tone’?

Ans: Tom Hanks

18) Which Indian was elected to the board of aviation giant American Airlines?

Ans: Rajat Gupta

19) Which management guru explained synergy as 2 + 2 = 5?

Ans: Igor Ansoff

20) Which media conglomerate did Lowry Mays and Red McCombs found in 1972 and focuses only on radio?

Ans: Clear Channel Communications

21) Established by a British gentleman whose name it took in the year 1908. It was later managed by Dr M.N Mahadevan in 1955 . Which Bangalore ‘landmark’?

Ans: Cash Pharmacy

22) Which Indian film director , who owns ‘Sahyadri Films’ once worked as an ad executive at Lintas?

Ans: Shyam Benegal

23) Which apparel compnay has a CSR initiative ‘Being Family’ that it has trademarked to help families who adopt children?

Ans: Jockey

24) Video ad- Bacardi

25) Video ad- Cisco

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Aqua Regia- The Science Quiz 2008

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Dates for City Finals of Aqua Regia 2008 in Various Cities

City Date of City Finals Venue
Pune Saturday, 1st November, 2008 Symbiosis Vishwabhavan
Bangalore Saturday, 15th November, 2008 Ambedkar Auditorium
Kolkata Saturday, 15th November, 2008 To be announced shortly
Mumbai Wednesday, 19th November, 2008 Sri Shanmukhananda Auditorium
Hyderabad Wednesday, 26th November, 2008 Harihara Kalabahavan

Qriosity 2008

Qriosity-2k8-The Subhankar Nag Memorial Quiz

Quiz on 23rd August!

Jadavpur University Quiz club and Debating society presents their annual quiz once again.

Event details: Qriosity 2008

Date: 23rd August 2008

Venue: Triguna Sen Memorial Hall, Jadavpur University (opposite indoor stadium)

Quizzes: Qriosity 2008 would be even bigger with two quizzes instead of

Business Quiz:

QM: Mr.Shounak Chakrabarti from the Cognizant Technology Solution

Time: 10.30 a.m.

General Quiz:

QM: Mr. Joy Bhattacharya, The CEO of the Kolkata Knight Riders.
Time: 2.30 a.m.

Rules for participating:

1. Each team must have three members.
2. There can be any number of teams from a particular institution
3. The three members of a team must all study in college/university or in school.
4. Mixed teams will also be accepted as long as there is no intermixing with between the school and the college teams.
5. Participants must bring their institutional identity cards. Without proper identification, participation may be cancelled
6. The quiz is only open to school and college students.

Qriosity 2008 promises to present a quality quizzing session with due emphasis on the motto of the Enquiry “QUIZZING IS FUN ”

For any other query feel free to contact


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