A 100,000 thanks…

Well, I’ve been extremely busy the past few months and have hardly had the time to blog/quiz etc.. This morning a friend mailed me congratulating me for a 100,000 hits on Quintessential Theory.. Well, doesn’t seem a very big number, but its not like I blog about sex or entertainment or world politics that I expect an overnight million hits.. Quizzing is a niche hobby and QT caters to a niche community… I’m equally proud to inform junta that Yash had reached this milestone almost a year back..

For me, the blogging has been as fantastic a journey as my quizzing.

In my 3 years of campus (and some corporate) quizzing, I’ve traveled, I’ve troubled and I’ve triumphed..

From tiffs with Quizmasters (nothing personal fellas) to being phlegmatic for a TV shot, quizzing has taught me a lot of things, but most importantly its shown me that passion is above all. It does NOT take much for people to complain about boring and tiring lives, but its difficult to take time out and try to pursue something you like to do..

And before my message gets despicable, I’ll wind up saying ‘Thank you to all those who’ve read Quintessential Theory and a bigger ‘Thank you to all those who revisited’

I’d also like to show a bit of gratitude to someone everyone knows in the quizzing scene.. Mr Avinash Mudaliar was the one who propounded (to me) the idea of starting a ‘Quiz Blog with a difference’ and I hope I’ve done justice to his great thoughts..

Till the next post.. Ta ra..


Manit '08 Prelims

Quiz: Blue Ribbon
Part of: Manit ’08
Date: 20 March 2008
Quizmaster: Pickbrain

Winners: Chetan TV & Rohit Nair (UVCE, Bangalore)

1) Bhanu Athaiya is known to have designed the costumes for Lagaan. She won an Oscar for costumes for which 1982 classic?
Ans: Gandhi

2) Which organization in Karnataka started by Swati & Ramesh believes that India’s challenges need systemic changes rooted in Democracy and not band-aid solutions?
Ans: Janaagraha

3) Which famous Indian Bazaar claims that “The Edge is Efficiency”?
Ans: Bombay Stock Exchange

4) Turning 60 in 2008, it was shortly after Indian independence in 1948, that K. N. Guruswamy founded this media house in Karnataka?
Ans: Prajavani/ Deccan Herald group

5) How does the nation now know L & T Cement?
Ans: Ultratech Cement

6) Who has given the world the “Kindle”?
Ans: Amazon

7) If I am the Saint, the surfer and the CEO to ask Who will cry when you die and tell you about the monk who sold his Ferrari who am I?
Ans: Robin Sharma

8) This lawyer by profession served as President of BCCI from 1977 to 1980. MCC honored him with a life membership in 1969, and a cricket stadium in South India was named after him against his wishes. Who?
Ans: M. Chinaswamy (of Chinaswamy stadium, Bangalore fame)

9) Viewty is a new range of mobiles from whom?
Ans: LG

10) Connect Malaika Arora Khan, Boman Irani and Satish Shah to one brand?
Ans: Pizza Hut

11) What is the claim to fame of Karen Lunel Hishey in Indian advertising?
Ans: First Liril Girl

12) Which Padma Shri awardee was also the first Indian woman to have to graduated from the Harvard Business
Ans: Naina Lal Kidwai

13) Radio Today launched Meow 104.8 FM, India’s first radio station in what way?
Ans: Target audience- only women

14) The MORE brand of supermarkets is from which famous business house in India?
Ans: Aditya Birla Group

15) Which model connects Bank of Baroda, Gillette, Max New York Life and Reebok?
Ans: Rahul Dravid (Model?? )

16) Expand the management style MBWA?
Ans: Management by Walking Around

17) You would associate the character Hari Sadu with which advertiser?
Ans: Naukri.com

18) Who is the Indian partner of Virgin Mobile?
Ans: Tata Tele

19) Formerly known as Palam, this has been upgraded recently by GMR Infra consortium. Which famous take off point in India is this?
Ans: Delhi Airport

20) Amalgamated Bean Coffee Trading company owns which coffee chain across India?
Ans: Coffee Day

Mahaquizzer 2008

Mahaquizzer, KQA’s annual solo championship, will be held on Sunday, 18 May 2008.

The contest will be held simultaneously in nine cities: Bangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune and Thiruvananthapuram.

Four prizes will be given out in each city: Best Quizzer, Best Lady Quizzer, Best College Quizzer and Best School Quizzer.

The person recording the highest score across all centres will hold the title of Mahaquizzer for 2008. She/he will also be awarded the Wing Commander G.R. Mulky Trophy for Quizzing Excellence.

This year’s contest is set by a new team comprising Ochintya Sharma, Thejaswi Udupa, Avinash Thirumalai and Arun Hiregange.

Mahaquizzer is a unique contest, requiring the participant to answer 150 questions, drawn from as wide a spread as possible, in 90 minutes. It is open to all and entry is free. Those interested in participating must mail Mahaquizzer@gmail.com or kqaquizzes@gmail.com, mentioning which city you would like to appear from in the subject line.

You can have a look at previous editions of the quiz here: http://kqaquizzes.org/quizzes/

Impetus '08- Review and Prelims

Review and Quiz for Quizkrieg

The Gen-Tech Quiz at UVCE’s annual Tech fest- Impetus drew a huge crowd. Quizmaster for yet another edition was Arul Mani.. A fantastic quiz yet again.

MSRIT team of Karthik and Nishant won the quiz followed by the BMSCE team.

The quiz was a general one with a huge Tech flavour to it

Impetus 2008

29 April 2008

QM: Arul Mani

Winners: Nishant & Karthik- MSRIT

1) This naming convention in programming is an ironic reference to the country from which the person who created it comes. In his country names are ‘reversed’ compared to most other European names; the family name precedes the given name. What practice?

Ans: Hungarian notation after Simonyi

2) Quanta Computers was founded by Barry Lam in 1988, and is still headed by him. They were named original design manufacturer for the XO-1 project and given a contract in 2007 for one million units. How does the layman know the XO-1 project?

Ans: OLPC or One Laptop per Child Programme

3) This law has often been illustrated using the example of fax machines: a single fax machine is useless, but the value of every fax machine increases with the total number of fax machines in the network, because the total number of people with whom each user may send and receive documents increases. It is named after the engineer who first used this idea to describe what he observed in connection with his 1974 invention IEEE 802.3. Which law?

Ans: Metcalfe’s law- Robert (Bob) Metcalfe

4) This German optician is remembered for the discovery of the dark absorption lines in the Sun’s spectrum now known by his name. He lends his name to a research organization with 56 branches across Germany- this organization came up with the MP3 algorithm. Who?

Ans: Franhauffer

5) The term was in use in Middle English Literature to mean ‘to know’. The term can be found in Geoffrey Chaucer’s The Wife of bath’s Tale: ‘For well ___ thy patience is gon..’ It gained much attention in the international media because ‘it blends whimsy and new technology’. Identify the term.

Ans: wOOt (Last year’s MW Word of the year)

6) Sparkler (launched on September 12, 1997), Pumpkin, Abigail, Brutus, Chelsea, Playground, Cricket, Kestrel, Ladybird, Merlin, Hopper, Mantis, Tiger, Mustang and Dolphin (anticipated for 2008). Codenames associated with what?

Ans: Java

7) A ruler falls in love with a local dancer named Bhagmati who lives in the village of Chichlam. He builds a city and names it Bhagyanagar after her. Sometime later she converts to Islam, following which the city is given a new name based on her new Muslim name. Identify the city, now a state capital in India.

Ans: Hyderabad

8) Identify this Indian pilgrimage destination. It has three names, of which one comes from two rivers; the other a Pali corruption of this name while the third name comes from the Sanskrit for ‘shining’. Which town?

Ans: Benaras / Varanasi / Kasi

9) Ram, Bull, Twins, Crab, Lion, Virgin, Scales, Scorpion, Archer, Sea-goat, Water-bearer and Fish. What are we talking about?

Ans: Symbols associated with the Zodiac

10) The Universal Tube and Rollform Equipment Corporation has had all sorts of problem with maintaining their web presence since 2006. What has caused these difficulties?

Ans: Cuz of YouTube

11) The main bodies were hewn directly from the sandstone cliffs, but details were modeled in mud mixed with straw, coated with stucco. This coating, practically all of which was worn away long ago, was painted to enhance the expressions of the faces, hands and folds of the robes; the larger one was painted carmine red and the smaller one was painted multiple colours. The lower parts of the statues’ arms were constructed from the same mud straw mix while supported on wooden armatures. It is believed that the upper parts of their faces were made from great wooden masks or casts. This description was true till 2001. What?

Ans: Bamyan Buddhas

12) This 7 letter word is a term denoting globalization- arising from the fact that a company in the food business has a worldwide presence. If you add the letter ‘a’, to this word, you can be referring to a magazine founded by David Bunnell that caters to consumers of a specific Apple Product. Give me one of the two words.

Ans: McWord and MacWorld

13) He was one of the Traitorous Eight who founded Fairchild Semiconductors. The library at the Centre for Mathematical Sciences in Cambridge University is named after him and his wife. He is one of the primary donors at Caltech and a laboratory complex was dedicated in his name in 1996. Who?

Ans: Gordon Moore

14) What variation of a six letter word resulted because Silicon Valley engineer Tim Beauchamp refused in 1997 to relinquish the domain that he was using as a site for math and astronomy?

Ans: Google- Googol

15) What place name would early versions of MS-Word offer you as a correction if you typed in the word ‘Cooperation’ leading thus to the term ___ Effect for the ludicrous spell check on MS-Word?

Ans: Cupertino

16) Dan Bricklin is said to ahe invented the electronic spreadsheet with the introduction of _________ in 1979. What was ____ ?

Ans: Visicalc

17) They are essentially the tops of submerged mountain range that is a continuation of the Arakan Yomas in Burma. They occupy an area of 3185 square miles and lie 121 km south of Cape Negrais. What are we talking about?

Ans: Andaman & Nicobar Islands

18) Which Indian state is said to derive its name either from a dynasty that ruled over the area or from the Sanskrit word for the Coconut Palm tree?

Ans: Kerala

19) This small town in Karnataka is home to the oldest stud farm in Asia. Tipu Sultan is said to have begun breeding horses here. Which small town?

Ans: Kunigal

20) Which legendary Indian won the International marshal Tito award for the best railway sportsperson in 1984, 1985, 1989 and 1990?

Ans: P.T Usha

21) The Chance RT-52 is a small unit built by Chance Coach Inc measuring only 25’ 11’’ in length. It normally carries 19 to 23 passengers and is built to handle short run abouts. The most well known use of this unit resulted in what well known term?

Ans: Wiki – from the Wiki shuttle

22) Which scholar who wrote the Sarvadarsana Sangraha was also instrumental in the founding of Vijayanagar by Harihara and Bukka?

Ans: Vidyaranya

23) This award was instituted in 1991- its first recipient was Vishwanathan Anand. Last year, the award was given to the shooter Manavjit Singh Sandhu. Among other things, the winner gets Rs 5, 00,000/-. Name the award.

Ans: Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna

24) The airport that serves Venice is named after which famous explorer and traveler who lived in the city?

Ans: Marco Polo

25) Complete this quote, attributed to one of the wives of the Persian king Nader Shah: “If a strong man should take five stones, and throw one north, one south, one east and one west, and the last straight up into the air, and the space between filled with gold and gems, that would be equal the value of ______”

Ans: Kohinoor

Suggestions & comments: mail@rohitnair.in

NSIT Meet- Sports Quiz by Prateek & Sahil

Prateek has provided yet another quiz for Quintessential Theory.. Thanks a lot, Prateek..

The last two posts on QT might be of immense importance as this ‘might’ be QT’s slow diversification into General Quizzing also.. Hopefully, this will increase readership 🙂

Till my next post.. Ta Ra..

Answers in order of slides are –

1. “You’ll Never Walk Alone” is the Liverpool Football Club Anthem. The words You’ll Never Walk Alone also feature in the club crest and on the Shankly Gate entrance to the stadium (Anfield)
2. Serena Williams (Aneres – her first name spelled backward)
3. Shiv Chowrasia
4. Hong Kong
5. The Olympic Torch Relay
6. Charu Sharma
7. Mighty Ducks of Anaheim, name based on the film, The Mighty Ducks – Name later changed to Anaheim Ducks
8. The 1968 Olympic Black Power Salute – the runners in the pic are John Carlos and Tommy Smith and the above pic is when John Carlos and Tommy Smith were the pallbearers in the funeral of Peter Norman, the Australian who backed their cause.
9. A1 GP – The World Cup of Motorsport
10. Astroturf
11. Kabaddi
12. Kookaburra Sports
13. Football World Cup. Pics of Jules Rimet, Pickles the dog, and World Cup Willie – Mascot of the 1966 World Cup
14. Lewis Hamilton
15. All bowlers who got hit for six sixes in an over
16. The Invincibles – Australian Cricket Team
17. Roland Garros – World War I Aviator (French Open)
18. Kobe Bryant – Nicknamed after the snake
19. Sepak Takraw
20. The Great Khali or Dalip Singh Rana
21. Andre Aggasi (1996 Atlanta Olympics Singles Tennis Event Medal Winners)
22. Gilles Villeneuve (Circuit in Montreal named after him)
23. Mark Richardson

Prateek's Quiz for IQL Meet


As I ain’t getting too much time to attend/make any quizzes, I’ve been inactive on the Quiz Blogging side. A suggestion put across by a friend has finally been taken seriously now 🙂

Below is a Quiz, our beloved Prateek decided to provide IQL for their meet. He has also consented to my putting it up on my blog.. So, enjoy the quiz 🙂

To prevent my blogging from becoming very perfunctory, I will put up a few ‘original’ questions every fortnight or so (will be cross posted on Quizkrieg too), till then Sayonara..