Quizkrieg 3rd Anniversary Quiz

3 years.. 3583 members.. One of the youngest Quizzing Yahoo Groups (there are a zillion nowadays though) but the second largest by numbers.. Quizkrieg has proven its reach with its reviews and messages which have had far fetching effects with Quizzers, Quizmasters and (sometimes) just spectators 🙂 We hope to bring you a whole lot of variety in Quizzing this year.. Thats a promise.. Below is a set of 9 questions connected by a theme.. Try them, enjoy them and have a great Quizzing year ahead!


1) This company’s logo consists of a pyramid which depicts nine smaller pyramids; each composes itself into a larger pyramid all encompassing in nature and presentation. The pyramid itself and the component pyramids convey cohesion, interdependence, support and foundation, to a common purpose and to achieve greater heights. Which company’s logo are we talking about?

Ans: DLF

2) Shri Sankaralinga Iyer, primarily a banker ventured into the field of heavy industries with rare devotion and confidence by setting up a factory in the vicinity of Thalaiyuthu, where extensive deposits of limestone were available. Which company did this go on to become?

Ans: India cements

3) After his high profile exit from the executive role at his father’s media empire, he headed back to Australia to set up Illyria Pty Ltd in which he is the sole director and secretary (from application documents)

Ans: Lachlan Murdoch

4) Founded in 1978, the company’s Corporate Social Responsibility arm is called Varalakshmi Foundation. Which company?

Ans: GMR

5) The plan, drawn up by the firm Perkins+Will, reveals that this structure will resemble a virtual glass palace, with entertainment centres, a health club, a swimming pool and various green spots thrown in for good measure. The structure will rise to a height of 173.12 meters equivalent to a regular 60 storeyed residential building. What are we talking about? Who owns it?

Ans: Antilia, the proposed house of Mukesh Ambani

6) This Rs 8000 crore venture was described by some as ‘India‘s largest surrogate advertising campaign’ and had to receive a go-ahead from the Information and Broadcasting Ministry before it was launched. Name the venture

Ans: Kingfisher Airlines

7) With which airline would you ‘Fly Smarter’?

Ans: Go Air

8) Dreamz Unlimited– Arclightz and Films- What comes next?

Ans: Red Chillies Entertainment

9) This newspaper’s Chennai Edition was launched on 28 March 2005 and is India’s fourth largest English language newspaper. Which one?

Ans: Deccan Chronicle

Haven’t figured the theme yet??

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