Tata Crucible Corporate- Chennai Edition 2007 Review

Hi Folks,

Was in Chennai last night (Aug 11) for a personal reason and dropped by the corporate crucible edition too… A lot of people were complaining that I’ve become a bit too dormant.. I apologize. I now lead a strenuous life thanks to the senior professors of my esteemed autonomous college 😉

Anyway, getting to the Crucible, the hall was the same, the sets were bigger and the crowd seemed bigger.. 180+ teams from the beginning city really ‘ups’ the tempo of a nationwide business quiz challenge or so I guess.

Crucible seems to be spreading its wings to unheard cities like Cochin, Indore etc taking the non tata track tally to 12 cities. If this is just to upstage BEQ as the Nation’s ‘biggest’ (Giri, will explain in each of your cities why he’s using that I guess) Quiz or a step to harness latent talent in the so-called tier-II cities or just another chance for the Chennai-Bangalore-Mumbai- Delhi powerhouses to travel to another city and participate, only time will tell…

For now, the Chennai edition…

25 prelim questions (which I personally thought were extremely good.. kudos to the research team for that)

Oh!! U question mongers, I’m getting there.. If you’re in a hurry, just click here…

The Tata Track as usual was dominated by TCS.. Out of the 6 finalists 4 TCS teams, 1 VSNL and 1 Tata Teleservices team on stage..

The Tata cut-off was around 11-13..

Error Scan- 3 options, 1 right answer (team wise)

Crossover- Crossword

View Point- Visuals on the buzzer- on the buzzer

Ask for T- A T pops up after 10-15 secs- on the buzzer

Tata World- On the buzzer about Tata Companies

The team comprising Jayakanthan and Venkatesh from TCS marched to victory pretty convincingly although they were forced some nervous moments towards the end.. Just to note- Jayakanthan was last year’s runners up (lost to Taj, who we heard from the QM have been transferred to Hyderabad).. So, Jayakanthan- Good news is, you’ve done it.. From runners-up to winner.. The Bad news is- there’s no more of an upswing to take, unless you decide to quit TCS or something 😉

As for the non Tata Track, only 6 finalists on stage, no eliminations after every round (as against the rumours being spread on the quiz communities) [Cut-off 15 on a tie breaker]

Finalists- 2 iRevna teams, 1 Cognizant, 1 Citibank, 1 KPMG and 1 Wipro..

I’d say, not a great performance by KPMG (Ramki and Dhamu are a fantastic and mind-blowing team on their day), but at the same time they were never threatened during the course of the whole quiz. Wipro (Lijoy+Kiran V) and iRevna team 2 (Goutham and Krishna Prasad) had a tie break for the runners up position, with Wipro winning the stakes..

Three major Rounds…

L1: 16 Questions- 6 CW, 6 ACW, 4 on the buzzer.. 5 points each.. Relatively easy questions, mainly based on ads and advertising (with 4 Tata Questions)..

L2: 12 Grids with individual topics ranging from Brands to Controversy

L3: 4 Questions on the buzzer (1st clue-15 pts, 2nd clue-10 pts, 3rd clue- 5 pts)

A good quiz altogether, especially the prelim.. Pickbrain was his flamboyant best, with quite a few good digs after the main quiz..

Oh!! And my moment of the night.. A photo with Hemu from Landmark!! [that’s just called photo finish isn’t it 😉 ]



The Prelims available here

For Team Quizkrieg



Tata Crucible Corporate- Chennai Edition 2007 Prelims

For Team Quizkrieg


(Questions from relative memory, need not be verbatim)

1) Which product was Pfizer’s biggest product in 1880 due to the high usage in cola drinks?

Ans: Citric Acid

2) Which brand is named after the daughter of Muzaffar Shah, the king of Firdaus in the book ‘Gulzar e- Nasin’?

Ans: Rooh- Afza

3) Which Indian company is the world’s largest R&D services provider?

Ans: Wipro

4) March 8-1817 called Founding and Subsequent fathers


5) Logo

Ans: Nurugappa Group

6) Whose stores are called ‘Scoop Shops’?

Ans: Ben & Jerry’s

7) Which business was started by American Express in 1882 to compete with US Post Office?

Ans: Money Order

8) Which company operates the ISS?

Ans: Boeing

9) What first is Santosh Kulangar going to achieve?

Ans: First Indian Space Tourist

10) ‘My Years with GM’ visual- Who?

Ans: Alfred Sloan

11) Insight Pharma- ‘Harri Patti’

Ans: Anacin

12) Rights to what brand name was purchased by Sterling Drug from the US Govt in 1918?

Ans: Aspirin

13) Roteiro the UEFA ball by Adidas is named after the memoirs of whom?

Ans: Vasco Da Gama

14) What did Henkel launch in 1969 after the success of Lipstick applicators?

Ans: Gluestick

15) Photo- what?

Ans: Royal Warrant

16) What does Yuan, Won, Yen all mean?

Ans: Round

17) 1843- De La Rue family.. Today, which business?

Ans: Postage Stamps

18) Chrysler Building in 1930 beat which structure as the tallest building?

Ans: Eiffel Tower

19) Japanese character for beauty is a range of products… Which company?

Ans: Hitachi

20) Logo

Ans: Traveller’s Group

21) Who owns You Tube?

Ans: Google

22) Long story, basically who was the World Bank chairman who got into trouble?

Ans: Paul Wolfowitz

23) Old Monk from whose stable?

Ans: Mohan Meakins

24) Which is the secondary Market where Indian companies are heading for finances or something like that

Ans: AIM- Alternate investment market

25) Video Ad

Ans: Titan Sonata

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Tata Crucible Corporate 2007

The third edition of the Tata Crucible Corporate Quiz seems to be bigger and better with an addition of 4 cities in the Non-Tata Track, which takes the total number of cities being covered to 13

This predominantly places the Tata Crucible as the biggest Corporate Business Quiz in terms of number of cities and number of participating teams.


The schedule is as follows


11 August- Chennai- KPMG

12 August- Hyderabad- Satyam

18 August- Delhi- Accenture

19 August- Chandigarh- Abhishek Industries

22 August- Cochin- Library on Net

26 August- Kolkata- Vizag Steel

27 August- Bhubhaneshwar- Bhilai Steel

1 September- Bangalore- Yahoo!

2 September- Pune- Savoir Faire

3 September- Indore- SKS Microfinance

5 September- Ahmedabad- Questa Software

9 September- Mumbai- Deutsche Bank


20 September- National Finals- Deutsche Bank


The regional Non Tata Tracks are being telecast on CNBC TV-18.

For telecast schedule, please click here


For more details, please log on to: www.tatacrucible.com


For reviews and questions of quizzes from the Tata Crucible Quizzes, log on to Quizkrieg


For any queries, do mail me: Rohit.s.nair@gmail.com