Brand Equity Quiz 2007

The Brand Equity Quiz Wagon rolls out this year from Ahmedabad on March 9, 2007. With an addition of Kochi and Indore, BEQ is now the first corporate business quiz spanning 10 cities.

The Schedule for the quiz is as follows

Regional Finals

Mar 9, 2007 – Ahmedabad- Mudra
Mar 10, 2007 – Pune- Savoir Faire
Mar 13, 2007 – Kolkata- TCS
Mar 15, 2007 – Delhi- NTPC
Mar 20, 2007 – Bangalore- Ray & Keshavan
Mar 21, 2007 – Chennai- Sanmar Group
Mar 22, 2007 – Hyderabad- Vizag Steel
Mar 26, 2007 – Kochi- Manorama
Mar 29, 2007 – Mumbai- Deutsche Bank
Mar 31, 2007 -Indore

National Final

Apr 29, 2007 – Mumbai

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The Quiz will be hosted by Derek O Brien and the content will be by Team DobAnda


Tata Crucible Campus Bangalore- Prelim

TATA Crucible Campus 2007

Bangalore Edition

25 February 2007

QM: Giri ‘Pickbrain’

1) Which brand of shirts gets its name from the fact that the first batch after production was over dyed?

Ans: Colorplus

2) Which media group is using the tagline- ‘Just Imagine’ for its new campaign?

Ans: Star

3) To honor whom did United India Insurance name one of its policies as Cinemukta Policy?

Ans: Subash Ghai

4) Transelektra Domestic Products created a brand in 1984, which has 62 % market share. Which brand?

Ans: Good Knight

5) Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner is the CEO of which software application?

Ans: Opera

6) Who is the main sponsor of Zimbabwe cricket team?

Ans: Old Mutual

7) What is the national airline of UAE?

Ans: Etihad Airlines

8) Expand ABB

Ans: Asea Brown and Baveri

9) Zanusi, Eureka and Frigidair are/were brands from which home-appliance company?

Ans: Electrolux

10) Which company would you associate Ingvar Kamprad with?


11) Founded as a drug for athlete’s foot and sore feet, it is now a big brand (especially during summers). Which one?

Ans: Nycil

12) ‘Proudly South African heroes’ is a branding exercise by which organization/company/brand?

Ans: South African Cricket Board

13) The first automobile out of their factory on 14 April 1927 was called OV-4. Which company?

Ans: Volvo

14) ‘Protects whats good’ is the way this company positions itself. Which food business related company?

Ans: Tetrapak

15) With which company would you associate the name Jack Cohen?

Ans: Tesco

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SIBM Transcend Prelim

Domain Expertise Inquisition

SIBM Transcend

23 February 2007

QM: Giri ‘Pickbrain’

1) Arvind mills, one of the foremost producers of denim & jeans- the world is the flagship company of which group?

Ans: Lalbhai Group

2) Which major tyre maker is also famous for its Red & Green travel guides?

Ans: Michelin Tyres

3) Which company gets its name from portions of the words “communication” and broadcast” ?

Ans: ComCast

4) Fredrich Wilhelm August Frobel creating the first of a type ‘education institution’?

Ans: Kindergarten

5) Globosports, a sports management company run by whom,has signed leading pace bowler Zaheer Khan?

Ans: Mahesh Bhupati

6) Pramod Mittal is currently the owner of which premier Bulgarian football club?

Ans: CSKA Sofia

7) The first foreign exchange transaction in euro was between ABN-AMRO and which other bank?

Ans: SBI

8) Which company launched a new range of premium car care products called motomax?

Ans: Pidilite

9) Pilani investments & industries corporation ltd., is the investment arm of which Indian corporate house?

Ans: AV Birla Group

10) Which company has been given the show cause notice for “its tough being a west Indian in India”, ad campaign?

Ans: Nimbus (Neo Sports)

11) Which latin term is used to refer to duties that are levied on commodities/products as a certain percentage of their price, these are different from specific excise duties that are levied on products?

Ans: Ad-valorem

12) Bernard Arnault is the chairman & CEO of which French clothing retailer?

Ans: Christian Dior

13) Who tells you there is “Fortune at the bottom of the pyramid” ?

Ans: C.K Prahalad

14) Renault has tied with Mahindra & Mahindra in India to release which car?

Ans: Logan

15) What was the profession of the seven dwarfs in Snow White?

Ans: Miners

16) If Apple=iPod, then Microsoft=?

Ans: Zune

17) If you are in the business of importing & exporting Beverlly Hills,Cats head,English Beauty, Lord Nelson etc. what are you doing business in?

Ans: Apples

18) Dialpad communications Inc,Kelkoo SA, and Ludicorp Research & Development Ltd. Are all subsidiaries of which company?

Ans: Yahoo

19) is a property portal launched by which company?

Ans: Times Group

20) Which organization primary ad slogan reads “the future for britain”?

Ans: Labour Party

21) Which company owns picasa?

Ans: Google

22) Sachin Tendulkar has recently sold his personal rights to the newly formed marketing branch of Saatchi & Saatchi.Name it?

Ans: Iconix

23) Identify this Swedish brand that was founded in 1967 by Jones and Robert af Jochninck?

Ans: Oriflame

24) For which event in India between 22 feb & 25 feb would international brands such as Azimuts,Beneteau,Ferretti and Funseeker be seen in action?

Ans: Boats/ Yachts for the race in Mumbai

25) Sir Joseph Lister gave the world which brand?

Ans: Listerine

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Bizzy Bhele Bhaath-8

Quiz for Quizkrieg

1) If its Dacia for Romania, Somaca for Morocco, RDB for Brazil, Avtoframos for Russia, Sofasa for Columbia, Saipa & Iran Khodro for Iran, who (which company) is it for India?

Ans: M&M (Mahindra). These are the companies that are partnering Renault for the production of the Logan car in their respective countries

2) The company was started way back in 1971 with a paid up capital of Rs 50 lakh. The company then named Maschinefabric Polygraph (India) had a technical collaboration with Veb Polygraph, Germany. However the collaboration came to an end in 1991 post the unification of Germany. The company was re-christened to its present name in 1992. It was named after the founder’s father Manubhai Shah who came to Mumbai from a small village near Baroda in 1918-19 and set up a retail business of stoves, batteries and petromaxes. How do we know this company today?

Ans: Manugraph (India)- Leader in the newspaper printing machinery market

3) When Vahid Berenjian, a swede of Persian descent met Akbar Khwaja in Bangalore in 1994, a new brand was born. After a successful venture in India, the brand will make its first foreign foray in Kuwait in February 2007 and Bangladesh in June 2007. Which brand?

Ans: U.S Pizza

4) The now Rs 700 crore group was born in the bylanes of Kolkata in 1974 when two young men R.S Agarwal and R.S Goenka chucked their jobs with the Birlas to turn entrepreneurs with an initial capital of Rs 20,000. Which group?

Ans: Emami

5) In the year 1932, Theodore Baumritter and Nathan Ancell had a dream to create high quality Colonial Style furniture. They named their first line of products after a legendary Revolutionary War hero, which became the brand name. What brand?

Ans: Ethan Allen

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Tata Crucible Chennai Campus 2007- Review

Tata Crucible 2007- Campus Edition
Chennai Round
9th February 2007

QM: Giri Pickbrain

The Tata Crucible quiz kick started the third edition of the campus crucible with much fanfare from the student community. The chennai round saw approximately 150 teams fighting to secure the first national final’s spot.

The prelim was a relative easy affair with around 14 dry questions and 6 visual/audio questions.

After the wild card round, the top 8 on stage were:



3) College of Engineering, Guindy

4) Anna University


6) Thiagaraja College of Engineering, Madurai

7) Great Lakes Institute of Management

8) BIM, Trichy

After three rounds of quizzing, which included a dry round, a crossword round and a formula round, the top 4 teams remained on stage.

The top four were:

1) IIPM- Thiagarajan and Mrinal

2) CEG- Siddharth and Raghavendra

3) TCE- Ramsaravanan and Shankarnarayan

4) GLIM- Ashish and Sachin

This stage consisted of 5 rounds- a visual round, tata round, connect round, the clueless round and the rapid fire round.

The finish was very close with only 5 points separating TCE and CEG.

So the final standings read:

1) College of Enginering, Guindy

2) Thiagaraja College of Engineering, Madurai

That’s all from me…

Till the Bangalore edition..



Tata Crucible Chennai Campus 2007- Prelims

Find the Tata Crucible 2009 Corporate Edition

Tata Crucible 2007- Campus Edition

Chennai Round

9th February 2007

QM: Giri Pickbrain

1) How do we know ‘The Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Limited’?

Ans: ANZ Bank

2) Which stock exchange in the world is referred to as ASX?

Ans: Australian Stock Exchange

3) Which company did Henrry Brayan. Dr J Budd, Harmon Cable, Will McGonaggle and John Dwan start on the North Shore of Lake Superior at 2 Harbors, Minnesota in 1902?

Ans: 3M

4) Which famous TV or radio network in the US is referred to as the Alphabet Network?

Ans: ABC Network

5) Who acquired Macromedia in Dec 2005?

Ans: Adobe

6) High Performance. Delivered is whose promise?

Ans: Accenture

7) Front Row, Sports Grill, American Bar are all brands owned by which company?


8) Launched in 1958 by Bank of America as the white, blue and gold revolving credit. It was known as Bank Americard. How do we know it today?


9) Whose famous ad slogan was- “ The Milk Chocolate melts in your mouth. Not in your hands “

Ans: M&M

10) Who is the shirt sponsor of Manchester United?

Ans: AIG

11) Whose product is Minute Maid- a fruit punch?

Ans: Coca Cola

12) John Jacob and Henry founded which optics company in 1853?

Ans: Bausch & Lomb

13) Get Gorgeous, On the Run, Freedom Express aand Launchpad are programmes on which channel?

Ans: Channel V

14) Who produced the movie ‘Guru’?

Ans: Madras Talkies

Sharpshooters 2007- Review

Sharpshooters 2007

SIES, Navi Mumbai

27th January 2007

QM: Guru Rao

The busy (26th-28th) Mumbai quizzing Weekend saw SIES conduct Sharpshooters 2007- the sixth edition of one of Mumbai’s most famous quizzes.

Unfortunately, the quiz was delayed by over two hours due to the dignitaries (read Ministers) arriving at their own sweet time.

The prelim was a 30 question affair and had very good content. The visual ads and videos were also very well researched.

The final six were on expected lines with the whole of India flying down to Mumbai for the quiz

The six finalists were

1) Amit Pandeya (Questa, Mumbai) + Rohan Khanna (Accenture, Delhi)

2) Mitesh Agarwal (Sun Microsystems, Bangalore) + Vishwajeet (Sun Microsystems, Mumbai)

3) Anish Raju (Cambridge Solutions, Chennai) + Gunaseelan (OnMobile, Bangalore)

4) Dhananjay Shettigar (Freelance) + Rohit Nair (UVCE, Bangalore)

5) Ajay Kasargod (WYSE Tech, Bangalore) + Prasad Shetty ( Kotak, Bangalore)

6) Arvindh (UTI, Mumbai) + Srini (Citibank, Chennai)

The quiz was a very long one but a good one for that. Excepting a few arbit questions, the quiz was very well researched and had really good quality…

The quiz was tied by Rohan/Amit and Prasad/Ajay, who decided to share the top two places rather than delay everyone further… The Sun Microsystems team came third….

The only drawback of the quiz being the lack of punctuality. The quiz after its prize distribution etc finished only at 2330hrs. This was a major cause of trouble especially considering the fact that the venue was in Navi Mumbai .

I hope the organizers take note of this and plan the quiz more efficiently

For the complete list of prelims questions, visit:

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