ET in the Classroom Quiz 2007- Bangalore Edition

The ET in the Classroom Quiz- Bangalore Edition has been indefinitely postponed due to the unrest in Bangalore. Quintessential Theory will keep you posted with the latest details as and when they happen

Breaking News: The date for ET in the classroom Bangalore Edition has been fixed to 7 March 2007.

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Quiz: ET in the Classroom, Bangalore

Quizmaster: Giri ‘Pickbrain’

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Sun Microsystems- IITB Business Quiz

Quiz: Sun Microsystems- IITB Open Biz Quiz

Host: IIT-Bombay

QM: Mitesh Agarwal

Date: 28 January 2007

Prizes: I Prize- Rs 24,000; II Prize- Rs 12,000; III Prize- Rs 8,000

Winners: Srini (Citibank, Chennai) + Arvindh (UTI, Mumbai)


Precipice- Prelims

Precipice- The Business Quiz

Nimhans Convention Centre (Bangalore)

13 January 2007

Giri ‘Pickbrain’

1) This company’s global delivery model is branded as ‘Rightshore’. Among its notable acquisitions are Sesa in France and Hoskyns in UK and Volmac in Netherland. Identify the European company?

Ans: CapGemini

2) GI Joe, Play-Doh, Tonka Toys, Nerf Balls and Weebles are brands owned by which company?

Ans: Hasbro

3) What advertising awards did Wallace Ross found in 1959?

Ans: Clio Awards

4) Complete the slogan “I’d walk a mile for a___________ “

Ans: Camel

5) What initiative from ITC gets its name from the Hindi word meaning ‘place of gathering’?

Ans: e-choupal

6) The forefathers of this high profile politician are professionals in the business of manufacturing of beedi through a company called Sijay tobacco. His family’s other business ventures are called Sijay Finance and Sijay Health. Who?

Ans: Praful Patel

7) PFE is the ticker symbol of which company in NYSE?

Ans: Pfizer

8) “American Way” is the in-flight magazine of which American Airline?

Ans: American Airways

9) This banks logo represents growth in a secure environment. The four sides depict a secure environment, while the slash represents growth. Which Bank?

Ans: Deutsche Bank

10) In July 2004, this company launched “Pink”, a lineup of loungewear, sleepwear, and intimate apparel geared towards college undergraduates. In 2006, Ashlee Simpson was named as the spokes model for Pink, making it the first time that a non-fashion model is a spokesperson of any of its brands. Which company?

Ans: Victoria’ Secret

11) This company founded in 1989, gets its name from a whimsical combination of the first and last syllabus of the home country and city of two of the founders, John Patterson and Dileep Nath. Identify

Ans: Kanbay

12) Patty Stonesifer is the CEO of which foundation headquartered in Seattle, USA?

Ans: Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

13) The proposed name for this institution was ‘Imperial university’ which was not selected. The Maharaja of Mysore laid the foundation stone in 1911. How do we know it today?

Ans: Indian Institute of Science

14) Which paints company launched a glossy TV serial shade book, which features colours and schemes based on the interior design of soaps like Kasautti Zindagi Kay, Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii and Shararat. It even roped in Sakshi Tanwar, a popular soap actor to launch the book?

Ans: Nerolac

15) Which global home appliance manufacturer has recently launched a new washing machine branded as ‘Sensation’?

Ans: Whirlpool

16) Complete the title of the book by Hugh Sebag Montefiore, “Kings on the Catwalk: The ________ ___________ and Moet Hennesey Affair” published in 1992?

Ans: Louis Vuitton

17) Which is the first International Airport in India to be built with only a minority Central Government stake?

Ans: Kochi International Airport

18) Bagehot, Charlemagne, Buttonwood, Lexington are all opinion columns of which famous magazine?

Ans: The Economist

19) Tony Turbo was a car devised by which company to be used in its brand promotions?

Ans: Chevron


“ She would never say where she came from

Yesterday don’t matter if its gone

While the sun is bright

Or in the darkest night

No one knows

She comes and goes

Goodbye, ________ ___________

Who could hang a name on you?

When yoy change with every new day

Still I’m gonna miss you… “

This Rolling stone song lends its name to a famous restaurant chain. Identify

Ans: Ruby Tuesday

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Bizzy Bhele Bhaath-7

1) ‘Empowering the poor’ is the tagline of which company? (Dedicated to a friend who has been placed there recently)

Ans: SKS Microfinance. Its founder Vikram Akula is the Social Entrepreneur of the Year 2006 in India. More details here

2) Founded in 1985 by Irwin Jacobs and Andrew Viterbi, the company sold its base station business to Ericsson and its cell phone manufacturing to Kyocera, and now focuses on developing and licensing wireless technologies.   ”OmniTRACS” is one of their famous products. They also develop and distribute Eudora. Which company?

Ans: QUALCOMM, more famous for the invention of the CDMA technology

3) Societe des Lunetiers (SL), an ophthalmic firm, which began in France in the middle of the 19th Century, merged with another company called Silor. What was (is) the name of the company thus formed?

Ans: Essilor. Societe des Lunetiers (SL) gave rise to Essel, which merged with Silor to form Essilor. (Kris Srikanth is the brand ambassador in India)

4) One of the four major brands in its category in the United States, it was originally introduced by Sears in 1985 and is today operated through a subsidiary of Morgan Stanley. Recently, Morgan Stanley announced that it would spin off the above-mentioned brand into a standalone company.

Which brand?

Ans: Discover Card, it is one of the four major Credit cards in the US

5) A teaser: Apple Computers have recently changed their corporate identity by renaming themselves. A normal Branding exercise, so to say. What is the new name?

Ans: Apple Inc– this is to emphasize their thrust in consumer electronics- I-pod, I-phone etc

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