Appy Fizz – Champions of the World quiz by ESPN Star Sports (Mumbai)

J Ramanand writes a review on the preliminary round of the Champions of the World Quiz by ESPN Star Sports held in Mumbai.

Details can be obtained here

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ITC-Client Logic Open Quiz

Thomas Jacob writes about his experience at the Open Quiz organized by ITC-Client Logic.

The quiz was held on December 9, 2006.

Review and Questions can be obtained here

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Bizzy Bhele Bhaath-6

1) It started as an invention by janitor Murray Spangler in Canton, Ohio in 1907. A family friend, Susan , agreed to give one of his machines a try, and it thus caught the attention of her husband, who owned a leather-goods company. He bought the patent from Spangler in 1908, according to the company, and kept him on as a partner but slapped his name on the machines. Which company’s early history is this? (Recently in the news)

Ans: Hoover, famous for their vacuum cleaners. The US division of Hoover was recently sold by Whirlpool to Techtronic Holdings for $107 million.

2) The icon is a stylized version of an infinity symbol that has the letters “A” and “L” written in a fluid manner, which implies movement. This stylized infinity symbol speaks to both the endless possibilities for the future and our commitment to being an enduring ally for our customers. Purple symbolizes ambition and is associated with creativity, wisdom, and dignity

Ans: Alcatel Lucent. More details here

3) A local doctor named Louis bought a spring then called Les Bouillensin 1898, he later sold it to Sir St John Harmsworth who renamed it and started bottling it in bottles shaped like the Indian cluns he used for exercise. Which brand?

Ans: Perrier

4) He’s still red, fuzzy and really ticklish, but now his laughing fits have him slapping his knee, falling to the floor, rolling over and pounding his arm. New version of a very famous Fisher Price ‘Brand’. What?

Ans: Elmo

5) The 1991 ceremony was plagued by scandal. The scheduled presenter failed to appear and two impromptu presenters struggled to carry out the show — a task that was made all the more difficult by the lack of a winners list. Following this, a group of investors headed by Chicago publisher Ruth Ratny reorganized the awards program, and eventually sold it to Dutch-owned company VNU, Which awards?

Ans: The Clio Awards

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IBS Uncommon Sense- Review

The Uncommon Sense

Tarkash 2006

Icfai Business School

04 December 2006l

QM: Avinash Mudaliar

An exhilarating quiz, a mix of the best Bangalore quizzing minds, a brilliant quizmaster, a wonderful audience and a never seen before climax- This was ‘The Uncommon Sense’ Business Quiz at Tarkash 2006, hosted by Icfai Business School, Bangalore

Tarkash was the place where both the Undergraduates and the Postgraduates could answer the long unanswered question of who’s better in Bangalore! The Ugs or PGs?

And the question was easily answered. The Undergraduates had the last laugh after bagging the top three prizes.

After a very punctual start (a very rare thing in Bangalore), the prelims kicked off at 6 pm. The 25-question prelim made sure that the weak minds booked their seats in the audience!

The top six teams were a healthy mix of engineering and management students.

The six teams on stage were:

1) Centre for Management Studies

  • Rajath
  • Monica

2) Empty Thoughts

  • Shreyas (SBMJC)
  • Aditya (St Joseph’s College of Commerce)

3) Christ College (MBA)

  • Aashish Benjamin
  • Marlon

4) Engineering the Business World (ETBW)

  • Rohit Nair (UVCE)
  • Varun Balan Nair

5) Christ College (MBA)

  • Minoy
  • Martin

6) Third Fark

  • Sohan Maheshwar (CMRIT)
  • Santosh S (BMSCE)

The final consisted of 5 rounds, which included a buzz stop and a Stage 2.

After the first three rounds, ETBW were leading with a healthy 55 points but a fourth round surge by Third Fark took them to a hundred points with ETBW trailing on 65 and Empty Thoughts on 45

The Stage 2 round was a completely different story though…

6 Questions on a theme, all on a buzzer… A constant negative 5 for the wrong theme and a variation of +20, +15 and +10 at various points of time for the theme connect.

After the first two questions, the scoreboard showed Third Fark, Empty Thoughts and ETBW in the top 3 positions respectively.

But the last three questions were answered brilliantly and successfully by ETBW and the brotherly duo of Varun and yours truly won the quiz by 7 points!!

Undoubtedly, a remarkable end to a wonderful quiz!!!

Avinash was at his usual best, keeping the audience (both) in rapt attention and splits of laughter with his usual charm!!

Final Standings:

1) Engineering the Business World

2) Third Fark

3) Empty Thoughts

For the complete list of prelims questions, visit:

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IBS Uncommon Sense- Prelims

Tarkash 2006

Icfai Business School

04 December 2006

QM: Avinash Mudaliar

The Prelims:

1) Which company will be the first internet company to be listed on the Bombay Stock exchange?

Ans: InfoEdge Ltd., which runs the popular sites &

2) Robert Kaplan, who, along with David Norton, developed the Balanced Scorecard, also came up with an alternative to traditional accounting where indirect costs are allocated in proportion to an activity’s direct costs. For businesses whose goods are customised, this is not a very accurate method. This accounting method attempts to improve on it by allocating indirect costs more accurately. Popular for a while, it fell into disrepute when it became clear that it was easier in theory than in practice. What accounting technique did he come up with?

Ans: Activity Based Costing (ABC)

3) Where would you come across the initials of the brothers William Day & Henry Overtone, Jr. ?

Ans: On a pack of Wills Cigarette

4) HIT Entertainment, Inc. holds the Co pyrights for the world’s largest selling copyrighted book. Which one?

Ans: Guinness Book of World Records

5) The early years of __________ are known as the Redline Era as until 1977 the wheels had a red line etched around the tyre rim. Some of its greatest cars include the Twin Mill and Splittin’ Image. The Rear-Loader Beach Bomb is widely considered the Holy Grail of any ___________ collection. In 1974, it began using the slogan “Flying Colors”. The VW Drag Bus was first offered as a 1996 First Edition, and is the heaviest model made by them to date. Which brand is this?

Ans: Hot Wheels

6) This Christian doctor in Byzantium was sentenced to death by being eaten by lions in AD 307. He died bravely fighting the lions to the end, and was canonised under a Latin name, which means “All lion”. This saint’s name was used in Italian Commedia dell Arte plays to represent a foolishly brave character who normally wore long, loose trousers. It is now a popular Indian brand of clothing. Which one?

Ans: Pantaloons

7) Lintas was working on a brief for a bike to flaunt its great mileage and great power. The client brief clearly stated that no one would be interested in figures and hence figures should be avoided. They were asked to come up with a term for a `wow’ bike encompassing both great mileage and great power. What resulted?

Ans: Hoodibaba

8) Which Indian soundtrack became the first to be launched on iTunes even before the CDs were launched?

Ans: Farhan Akhtar’s Don

9) One of the most remarkable groups of springs is near Guelma. There are two principal sources. Their waters unite in one stream whose course is marked by gigantic limestone cones, some of which are 36 ft. high. The water, which is at boiling point, falls into natural basins of a creamy white colour, formed by the deposit of carbonate of lime. What is the Arabic word for these springs?

Ans: Hamam

10) At present, this group operates through three tea companies. The first and the oldest is Gujarat Tea Depot Co Ltd. The second is Standard Tea Processing Co, which focuses on tea buying and blending. The third is Gujarat Tea Processors & Packers, which sells the teas. The members of the Desai family closely hold all the three companies. Early this year they launched India’s first Certified Organic Tea Brand. Which company?

Ans: Wagh bakri

11) Starting his career in media as a correspondent for Doordarshan in 1985, he was the anchor and production consultant for India’s first monthly video newsmagazine, Newstrack, produced by the India Today group. He now owns a media empire that includes channels such as CNBC TV 18 and Awaaz. Who are we referring to?

Ans: Raghav Behl, the Managing Director of Television Eighteen

12) Tony, the tiger: Kellogg’s Cornflakes:: `Louise the fly’ : ?

Ans: Mortein Mosquito Coil

13) Which prickly heat powder brand is owned by Heinz?

Ans: Nycil

14) Bangalore Tiger , authored by business week journalist An essential read for managers, consultants, and executives at any company, Bangalore Tiger is a blueprint for quality improvement, increased efficiency, and tangible bottom-line results. It removes the shroud of secrecy around Indian management principles and shows how companies around the world can achieve market leadership .It is about The largest independent R&D Services provider in the world. Which company?

Ans: Wipro

15) Originally known as Garnet Paper Mills, this Indian company has now undergone a name change and is in the film production business. The company’s ticker code on Bloomberg continues to be based on the earlier name, though (GPM IN). What is the company’s new name?

Ans: K-Sera Sera Productions

16) His company owns several businesses in the US and has also held stakes in marquee names in world of business. One of the businesses – NetJets Inc – sells time-shares in planes to companies and rich fliers. It is the biggest buyer of business aircraft in the world. Who is he?

Ans: Warren Buffet

17) The brandname of this musical instrument was formed from the surnames of the founders, Tsutomu Katoh and Tadashi Osanai, combined with 2 letters from the word organ. Which famous brand-name am I speaking of?


18) Indian airlines serve a different type of meal apart from veg meals and non veg meals, what is it?

Ans: Jain Meals

19) A salesperson wandered over. `Can I find you something?’ she asked brightly

`Sure’ I said. Have you got the official licensed …….. Shampoo?’

`Shampoo?’ she asked a little uncertain.

`Oh absolutely’ I said. It looks and smells just like motor oil, but it makes my hair so manageable!’ I smiled and made my escap e, but I knew it’s just a matter of time

This is the wonderings of `tinker’ on her internet hompage. This is satirical take on a disastrous extension of a very famous brand.

Ans: Harley Davidson

20) A history teacher, an English teacher and a writer discovered that all of them loved fine coffees and exotic teas. So they opened a store across from the Pike Market place, a public market overlooki ng the Elliott Bay waterfront. For some unknown reason, they named it a character in Moby-Dick. What?

Ans: Starbucks

21) Recently, an 11-year-old boy, ____ Bhanot, sent a legal notice to claiming damages of Rs. 1 crore, citing psychological harassment. Just fill in the blank.

Ans: Hari (for their `HARI SADU’ ad)

22) Lakehead University in northern Ontario set up a recruitment website called in a bid to attract potential new students. It showed a 1968 graduate of Yale with the slogan – “Graduating from an Ivy League university doesn’t necessarily mean you’re smart.” Who was the graduate?

Ans: George Bush

23) “With utmost respect to Human Values, we promise to serve our Customer with Integrity, through a variety of Innovative, value for money Products & Services, by __________ ____________, day after day.” What two words will complete this mission statement of Wipro

Ans: Applying Thought

24) Sildenafil Citrate:Viagra : :Oseltamivir: ?

Ans: Tamiflu, by Roche Pharmaceuticals

25) British Lawyers & government officials formerly used to bind documents together with red cloth. Charles Dickens first used the term to describe bureaucracy. What term?

Ans: Red Tape

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TAPMI QOTB 2006- Review

Where Beauty and Intellect Meet;

This is Quiz on the Beach!!

The splashing waves

The sweet smell of the sand…

The lighthouse in the backdrop…

One would imagine this to be the perfect setting for a lot of things, but never a quiz!

Yes, this is the Kaup beach, where TAPMI’s famed Quiz on the Beach happened yet again this year!

Sponsored by Excalibur and Lenovo, prizes at a B-school Quiz hit rooftop when this year’s winners took home Rs 35,000.

After a very punctual start, the prelims consisted of a written round of 25 questions!

This was to screen the top 6 teams who would battle it out at (undoubtedly) India’s most beautiful quiz!

After two continuous years of six corporate teams making it on stage; 2006 shot a surprise when an Engineering duo and XIME (Bangalore) finished the line up at QOTB.

The quiz attracted corporates from Mumbai, Goa, Chennai, Bangalore etc…

The participating B-Schools included SCMHRD, IMT, IIM-B etc…

The final six on stage were:

1) Covansys/ Morgan Stanley

  • Naveen Giles
  • Himmat Jain

2) Savoir Fairre (Goa)

  • Harshavardhan Bhatkaly
  • Rajiv D Silva

3) JWT (Mumbai)

  • Dhananjay Shettigar
  • Gururaj Rao

4) Clueless (Chennai+Bangalore)

  • Prasad Shetty (Kotak)
  • Aravindh Raamaiah (ICICI Lombard)

5) The Manipal Wedding

  • Rohit Nair (UVCE, Bangalore)
  • Sujata Ravi (MIT, Manipal)

6) XIME, Bangalore

  • Thomas Cherian
  • Prashanth Gopinath

The finals consisted of six rounds

1) Domain Expertise – Team chooses a round

2) Walk the Beach- Visula based question (IMHO, The best round of the quiz)

3) Crack ‘n’ Clues – 60 Seconds, 3 clues

4) Thinking Hata- Connect Round

5) Crack thy Code- 4 mini questions with a main crack using a formula per team

The quiz was led from the start by the Mumbai duo till the very last round (with some fabulous mind-blowing answers), but they unfortunately messed up in the last round thus letting Savoir Fairre win the quiz by a slim margin of five points.

I must note that Savoir Fairre were a very consistent team giving some very good answers too.

Final Standings

1) Savoir Fairre, Goa

2) JWT, Mumbai

3) Clueless (Chennai+ Bangalore)

Special points to be noted about QOTB 2006

1) Sujata Ravi was the first female participant to make it to the QOTB final

2) Prasad Shetty has come third for the third year in a row

3) The Quiz has ended on a tie break for the last three years

I must add that Giri was at his personal best keeping the audience completely entertained.

The Manipal Wedding hogged quite a bit of Limelight for their unorthodox team name and Giri kept the crowd in a laughter riot with some real good wit!

Some Questions from the finals:

1) Which brand takes its name from the founders Mike Costin and Keith Duckworth?

2) What is an antique aide?

3) What is parimutual betting?

For the complete list of prelims question, do visit:

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TAPMI QOTB 2006- Prelims

Quiz on the Beach

Tapmi Atharva Fest

Date: 02 December 2006

Venue: Kaup Beach, Manipal

QM: Giri ‘pickbrain’ Balasubramaniam

The Prelims:

The prelims consisted of 25 questions of which 5 were visuals. The other dry questions can be found below.

1) This newspaper was started in 1931 by Chennai based Veradharajulu Naidu. Screen Weekly, Loksatta and Jansatta are their group publications. Indentify the company?

Ans: The Indian Express

2) Fill up the Blank. “The Reader’s Digest Association, publisher of Reader’s Digest, Everyday with Rachael Ray and Taste of home, announced it would be sold to a private equity-backed group for $24 billion. Under a definite merger agreement, _______ ______ LLC would acquire RDA’s outstanding common shares at $ 17 per share, and assume its debt.

Ans: Ripplewood Holdings

3) Joanna Ferrone and Sue Rose created him. Rose first developed the character in 1985 on a napkin in a resaurant. Identify the brand mascot

Ans: Fido Dido

4) Clinigene is a clinical research laboratory. Whose subsidiary is it?

Ans: Biocon

5) In 1995, he founded one of the first online marketing companies, Yoyodyne which he later sold to Yahoo. His book ‘Permission Marketing’ was a runaway hit. Identify the man.

Ans: Seth Godhin

6) “He is one of India’s most successful business leaders and a key figure in the new global economy. He brings a deep understanding of technology, IT and globalization and will be a huge asset to the Board of Reuters. I’m delighted to be able to welcome him to the company” Niall Fitzgerald, Chairman of Reuters. About whom was this comment made?

Ans: Nandan Nilekani

7) This electronics company was founded in 1983 as Hyundai ElectonicsIndustries Co Ltd. In 2001 they developed the world’s first 128 MB DDR SDRAM for graphics. Identify?

Ans: Hynix Semiconductors

8) The motto of which organization is “Dictum meum pactum” meaning “My word is my bond” ?

Ans: London Stock Exchange

9) With which company has Kingfisher Airlines recently signed a contract for $300 Million Engine order to power its new fleet of Airbus A330 aicraft?

Ans: Pratt & Whitney

10) First Voice International was started with the aim of improving literacy in Africa, through satellite delivery of content. Whose initiative is this?

Ans: Worldspace

11) Athletic Works, Faded Glory, George and Kid Connection are all private label brands from which retail giant?

Ans: Wal-Mart

12) Which British fashion house did Stephen Marks found in London in the year 1969?


13) Of which airlines is Silkair a subsidiary?

Ans: Singapore Airlines

14) “”Quality and Me: Lessons from an Evolving Life” is the autobiography of which quality guru?

Ans: Philip Crosby

15) Quicktime is a multimedia framework developed by whom?

Ans: Apple

16) The CAC 40 is a national stock market index of which country?

Ans: France

17) What connects Hot Lips, Mystic Maiden, Scarlet Lady, English Rose and Madame Butterfly etc?

Ans: Virgin Air

18) ‘Adsense’ and ‘Adwords’ are advertising programs from which company?

Ans: Google

19) Burson-Marsteller is a global giant in which field of Business?

Ans: PR

20) Which bank was founded as ‘__________ Bank Hindu Permanent Fund’ in 1906, by late Sri Ammenbai Subba Rao Pai, a philanthropist?

Ans: Canara Bank

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