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1) Rocawear is an urban clothing label created in 1999 by Damon Dash & Mr X, the heads of the Roc-a-Fella Records label.

Rocawear has clothing lines and accessories for men, women and children. The line was taken over by Mr X in early 2006 because of a falling out with cofounder Damon Dash.

Identify Mr X, popular in a completely different field.

Ans: Jay-Z, the Hip Hop star


2) The concept dates back to 6500 years ago in Greece when women used it. Initially known as aspodesmos or mastodenton it was just a band of cloth that was used. The first prototype was patented in 1859 by Henry Lesher of New York to ‘give a symmetrical rotundity’. But it was Herminie Cadolle of France who made the first modern design in 1889. The history of what is being discussed?

Ans: Brassieres more popularly known as Bras 😉


3) If you used the following to make a drink, what would you end up with?

Water, Sucrose, glucose, sodium citrates, carbon dioxide, taurine, glucuronolacontone, caffeine, inositol, niacin, pantothenic acid, caramel, riboflavin and of course flavorings.

Ans: Red Bull, I thought taurine was a direct give away


4) The first ___________ was a tricycle manufactured by Starley & Sutton Co in 1883. The company was founded by John Kemp Starley and William Suton in 1878. Starley had formerly worked with his uncle James Starley (father of the cycle trade) who began in manufacturing sewing machines and switched to bicycles in 1869. Which company (in the news not too long back for the wrong reasons) are we discussing?

Ans: Rover


5) It derives its name from the fact that it uses short wavelength laser to read and write to the chalcogenide disc. This enables more information to be stored digitally in the same amount of space. What?

Ans: The now famous Blu- ray discs, which use shorter wavelength Blue-violet lasers (405nm)


6) This brand was introduced by R.A Pattersin in 1871 as a cut plug chewing tobacco and later a cigarette. In 1905, the company was acquired by American Tobacco Company and later proved to be its only answer to R.J Reynolds’ Camel.

One of their famous slogans is: _____ _______separates the men from the boys….but not from the girls.Which cigarette Brand?

Ans: Lucky Strike


7) This institution believes to be dedicated to “ promoting democracy and sustainability”

Headquartered in New Delhi, it has been very much in the news recently. Which organization?

Ans: Centre for Science and Environment, headed by Sunita Narain, which was in the thick of the Cola Pesticide issue



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Bizzy Bhele Bhaath-1

1) Designed by noted Italian Leopold Tartarini, the ‘pieces’ comes with several first time features (in India) including twin rear shocks for extra stability and 12 inch tyres besides front telescopic shocks. What are we talking about?

Ans: The new Kinetic Blaze– the 165 cc scooter from the Italiano Series

2) A little dedication to something very (differently) dear to me now!

Originally developed on top of the NCSA httpd server as a series of patches; this server came to be called “ a _ _ _ _ _ _ server”, which later became the name “_______.” The first public release came out in April 1995. What are we talking about? (Two blanks are different. Give me the second blank)

Ans: A Patchy Server became Apache

(and the dedication of course is to the 150 cc bike from the TVS Stable)

3) The Coffee Shop is known as ‘One Day’; the continental and Chinese is called ‘ Over Boundary’; the dining hall is called ‘Maharaj’ and the Lounge is called ‘Prince of Cal’.

Enough Clues. What are we talking about?

Ans: ‘Maharaja’s Durbar’– The restaurant owned by Sourav Da on Kolkata’s Park Street

Some confusions here- The fact that the place is Sourav Da’s restaurant is definite, but the name isn’t. As I have never been to Kolkata in the recent past I haven’t seen the restaurant. So all my Kolkata friends, I request you to aid me.

Article 1: names it as Durbar

Article 2: names it Sourav’s

4) In 1982, Three Chartered Accountants- C Parthasarathy, M Yugandhar and MS Ramakrishna got together with a capital base of Rs 1,50,000 to provide auditing and taxing services. Which company did they thus start? (Which was in the news not so long ago)

Ans: Karvy

5) Called the RedWire DLX, it is designed with a built in docking cradle for the iPod and retractable headphones. It will also feature a joystick to handle the device.

What is the RedWire DLX?

Ans: Jeans from Levi’s Strauss that are compatible with the iPod

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